Voices of Fire Presents an Interview with Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz- Where Do We Go From Here?

The first step in changing our circumstances is to identify the problem. In any process we have to first understand the issues, how to resolve our issues, and implement a plan of action.  Please join me on February 17, 2017, as I interview  Attorney Malik Shabazz on my Youtube Channel Voices of Fire Channel at 7 PM EST regarding his updated debate with Cornel West on various Topics including where do we go from here, Black Nationalism, and Law and Action.  Malik Zulu Shabazz is the National President of the Black Lawyers for Justice and Founding Member of the New Black Party. Mr. Malik Zulu Shabazz graduated from Howard University and Howard University School of Law and is one the most respected members of our community.  He is currently the national president of the Black Lawyers for  Justice who’s vision is to ” To build a network of conscious, committed and capable Black lawyers that possess both character and vigor to lead in the ever-present struggle for justice.” The  Black Lawyers Mandate is to “To establish and fight for Truth, Justice, Balance, Order and Reciprocity in the American legal system, society and the world at large” . The organization was  “Founded in 1966 by Malik Z. Shabazz, Esq., Founder and National President, Black Lawyers for Justice (BLFJ) has the culmination of vision, background, activism and expertise and is the go-to legal organization for superior litigation services from the best-experienced attorneys throughout the country. Black Lawyers for Justice exemplifies zealous advocacy, attorney activism, and dedicated work ethics and principles”. Black Lawyers for Justice is a nationwide network of the best legal minds in the country, fighting vigorously in and out of the courtrooms of America for their clients. We have over 50-years combined experience in all aspects of the law; particularly complex civil litigation. You can trust attorneys in our network to deliver superior legal services and diligently pursue justice on behalf of our clients. http://www.blfjustice.org/

As of you know, Malik will be Debating Dr. Cornell West a Professor of Philosophy and Christian Practice at Union Theological Seminary and Professor Emeritus at Princeton University. His resume includes tenures at Yale, Harvard, and the University of Paris. Cornel West graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard in three years and obtained his M.A. and Ph.D. in Philosophy at Princeton. He has written over 20 books and has edited 1.

The debate will be held in Washington D. C on February 21, 2017 at the National Press Club. The Topic of Discussion is “Which Way Under President Trump-Resist, Revolt, Demonstrate, Separate or Should We Compromise and Start Begging”.  The Event will be live streamed Live streamed and tickets will be Eventbrite Under “Debate of The Decade”

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Nyah Amara

VOF Editor-Founder


Economic Survival: Escaping Capitalism Racism and White Supremacy 

la-na-tt-history-hinders-black-americans-20140-002Before America was Ameria, it harvested the indigenous people who had no notion of an economy built on capitalism. What is capitalism one might ask?  According to Merriam Dictionary capitalism is,  “A way of organizing an economy so that the things that are used to make and transport products (such as land, oil, factories, ships, etc.) are owned by individual people and companies rather than by the government.” WEBSTER MARIAM. “CAPITALISM.” To understand capitalism we must understand the history. According to University of KMT press, an “Economic systems are different in history. Capitalism grew out of feudalism.” “Feudalism is a social system that existed in Europe during the Middle Ages in which people worked and fought for nobles who gave them protection and the use of land in return. WEBSTER MARIAM. “Feudal System.” Before capitalism, many people bartered which is engraved in the cultural traditions of people. The originators never valued anything outside its function or it’s need. Bartering catered to the necessity of the community meaning what one family couldn’t harvest or have access instead they traded amongst each other as it meets the needs of the entire community. What is a bartering? “According to Investment Answers, “Bartering is an exchange between two parties using goods and services for payment instead of currency.”

For centuries since being kidnapped and brought to the Americas, our ancestors have struggled to gain wealth and equality. After hundreds of years slavery and enriching the lives of others,  we continue to be shackled, and empty handed. Despite all our hard work and millions of hours of free labor,  Americas new economy “capitalism” has generated  a wealth system we have yet to become full beneficiaries.  A system that has proven catastrophic to our community as a result of economic castration preventing us from fully engaging in this economic system built by our ancestors.

According to Tdka Maat Kilimanjaro Yahra Aaneb in Bak2. “Economist say the Great Recession lasted from 2007 to 2011. In 2004, the median net worth of white households was $134,280, compared with $13,256 for black households, according to an analysis of Federal Reserve data by the Economic Policy Institute. By 2009, the median net worth for white households had fallen 24% to $97,860; the median Black net worth had fallen 83% to $2,170. In 2009, for every dollar of wealth the average white household had, Black households only had two cents.”‘

Many people believe we should compete in this capitalist society to fix our community, while others  disagree pointing to its past tracked record of  addressing the problems of  black social injustuce, racism, and white supremacy. However, Dr. Claude Anderson seems to accept certain aspects of the economy system, stating capitalism creates job. Dr. Anderson pointed out in his book that job creation was the first step in political empowerment. He encouraged us not to depend on the government for support and maintained that we have always been the losers of captlism a system built on inequality . “as 2nd class citizens for 500 yrs we got absolutely nothing, soon we will be 3rd class citizens, and in the future, we’ll be 4th class citizens. If we didn’t get anything as 2nd class citizens what make you think we will get something as 4th class citizens”. He encouraged us to create jobs, business and take social responsibility by creating programs that foster growth and community development. Dr. Anderson believed at the core of our success is the development of an independent economic structure, a code of conduct economically, and group economics. He also encouraged block voting, which he maintained took discipline and accountability.

Like Dr. Anderson, Dr. Amos Wilson took a similar approach. He Also believed Africans must maintain integrity economically, while understanding survival was the key to our growth and development. He suggested that short-term solutions and long-term initiatives could liberate us from the economic stronghold of capitalism. He stressed the European could not help us solve our problems.  “We create jobs, but we are not in a position to own that job that we created.” Tdka Maat Kilimanjaro of University of KMT press echoed these same beliefs in a similar way but placed emphasis on overthrowing the system using group economics stating we must “take advantage of All our resources.” All three scholars agreed that we should  pull our resources and then  develop a plan based on cooperative economics.

As  Africans living in American, we have to come to grip with our position and realize this was the hand we were dealt. We were kidnapped, and deprived of our culture, language, spiritual system, and identity. Therefore,  we must come together collectively to gain economic ground by setting an economic agenda. I read a study that stated we are 300 years behind in wealth compared to the majority. Take a look around at the wealth disparities in this country, predatory lending, and a look at all the new millionaires, all which that look like them.  Our leadership has failed. Our community lacks the same education opportunities faced with very few options other than Section 8, welfare, and minimum-wage jobs as a means of survival.

The states are high, and we must look critically and how we addressed these problems and ask how can we design an economy built for us, what would it take, what would it look like, how could it benefit everyone, what would keep the economy afloat?  All of these questions have to be answered, evaluated, and solutions must be designed based scientific methods  that focus on economic survival that are deeply engraved in the fabric of American culture. Once we can answer these questions and devise a plan,  we can then design a economy based on meeting the needs of our community. “We need a social/economic system that allows every person to have equal food, clothing, shelter, technical applied education. Second, we need the extraction and modernization of the very best of African culture–minus anything myths/mysticism forced on us by invaders.  Self respect, self-value, and self-reliance is the foundation of happiness. Justice is the basis of equality and freedom.”- Tdka Kilimanjaro Ife Kilimanjaro Bak2.

If we want to have our own “Pie”, we must create the best bakers on the planet. We must be willing to inherit the ideas of a Claude Anderson, mixed with Amos Wilson Black Power approach, and incorporate them with Tdka Kilimanjaro using nothing less than our best, brightest and wisest minds. This will take sacrifice among like-minded individuals who can incorporate and see things from beginning to the end. We have very little time, no time for finger-pointing or blame, and we must be willing to dedicate our lives to the liberation from the horrors of  500 years of systemic racism in America.

We didn’t come to America looking to build our families or looking to create financial freedom. Instead, we came naked, bruised and confused on boats full of urine, blood, mucus, disease, and death.  One by one, trip after trip we were captured against our will and thrust into an unfamiliar place to bend over backward to our death for the greater good of someone else’s dream. In return, we got absolutely nothing, not one red cent, not a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of!

Everything we got we earned under very strict and harsh circumstances which we made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our women, men, and children from the oppressor. Capitalism was built on these sacrifices with the purpose of destroying our will to live. How dare we fix our problems,  how dare we accept this path for our children, and how dare we fight this economic bully that has created social, economic, and spiritual decay in our community?

We have to work hard and study the past to advance the future. But we must not only study, but we must also test our solutions, critique the flaws, and repeat the process to ensure our success. Then improve our existence by fostering relationships between like-minded individuals who are committed to advancing our sociopolitical position in society that was created to ensure we remained death, blind, and ignorant to the reality. In order to restore what was lost we must empower our people using strategies based on sound economic principles employed  when we were in the land of our ancestors.


Shawn Phillips

Voices  of Fire

References: Tdka Kilimanjaro Bak2, Claude Anderson Powernomics book and lectures, Amos Wilson The Blue Print to Black Power lecture and book. Video references: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCQ9gh8EcY8  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4m4lY5IQZgQ

Photo Credit:  American Dream  Cartoons, Ashley Bradford

Editor: Nyah Amara

Highly recommend all three books



Conscious Perspectives: Why We Can’t Afford To Paint Everything Black! 



Written By: Ini-Herit Khalfani

June 24th 2017

Nashville, Tn

Often, we hear that Africans civilized the world after populating the planet and migrating to other places. In so doing they carried with them all they knew. Since Africa is the birth place of humanity some people tend to think that Africans brought forth all things. One reason for that is because, our existence exceeds any other sub species, another reason people do this is because they believe since we were here first, and people came to Africa to study that’s enough evidence to blacken every other civilization across the globe. That would be disingenuous to belittle other people’s culture and their evolution.

What hominids or early Homo Sapiens Sapiens that migrated out of Africa and populated the rest of the world did was, take pieces of what they knew and developed it according to the environment around them to survive. Due to that and other conditions such as the weather, different environmental circumstances, and other situations one would have to adapt and adjust what they knew to fit into that paradigm.

What people established in other parts of the world that left Africa over 50 to 100 thousand years ago according to Nature would be considered foreign to the African. What they developed in that period before back migration belonged primarily to that people in that specific region of the world, and with the information available to us today we can trace back a lot of these origins and show that they are indeed foreign to the continent of Africa.

In tracing the roots of some of the admixture of cultures that have invaded the continent of Africa and continue to confused the indigenous spiritual practices we don’t have to go back that far to observe its infiltration. Several gods that belong to the people who came in kidnapping Africans brought what they knew in peace like wolves in sheep’s clothing. Under those garments existed a multitude of confusion that we still haven’t been able to remove from our lives hundreds of years later.

What becomes of a people with absolutely no understanding of who they are culturally or spiritually? A people who are completely removed from a place where they use to carry themselves with the utmost confidence and respect. Historically we can look at the past 100 years and get a very good example of what would happen. You become a shell of yourself and start to cling to anything that feels good and seems like it belongs to you.

Amid of adopting something foreign what we try to do is paint Jesus, Allah, and Yewah black, or try to make East Asian cultural practices African. When you rather submit to what feels good than understand what is rightfully yours you begin to show a level of ignorance. Even the so-called conscious act unconscious when our minds dwell in a realm of spiritual beliefs that take them from being centered in African spirituality to the Middle and far East Asia.

Fortunately, due to the trauma the African has faced and the scrutiny it’s culture has been put through not all Continental Africa Spiritual systems fell at the hands of its kidnapper and enslaver. The Bamana and Akan spiritual systems still survive and thrive on the Continent to this very day. “The Akan are one of the best known cultural groups in Africa. Currently 4 million strong, they are the largest cultural grouping of Ghana, representing approximately half of the country’s population. The Akan Abusua (family), or clans, includes the Akuapem, Akyem (Abuakwa, Bosome, Kotoku), Asante, Brong-Ahafo, Fante, Kwahu, and Nzema. Although Christianity and Islam attempted to colonize their spirituality, the Akan have not departed from their ancestral and spiritual culture, which defines them as Akan. Spirituality is the foundation on which Akan society and culture is built.” Molefi Kete Asante Ama Mazama Encyclopedia of African Religion.

The Bamana people belong to the Mande group and can be found primarily in Mali. However, sizable Bamana communities also exist in neighboring West African countries, in particular in Guinea, Burkina Faso, and Senegal. There are about 2 million Bamana, making them one of the largest Mande subgroups, as well as the dominant ethic group in Mali, where about 80% of the population speak the Bamana language. The Bamana, as they call themselves, are often referred to as Bamabara, which is likely an inaccurate rendition on the part of the French of Bamana. This entry looks at history and social organization, and then it turns to their religion and ritual. The Bamana religion is based on the belief in one supreme God, Maa Ngala, “Lord of All,” or Masa Dembali, “Uncreated and Infinite Lord,” God is responsible for creating the world and all that is in the world.” Molefi Kete Asante Ama Mazama Encyclopedia of African Religion.

As descendants of kidnapped victims, we have completely lost our identity in a shuffle forced on us. Invaders separated families by mixing those who spoke different languages, also by spiritual practices which they did not allow to a controlled degree. In doing so the indigenous African language and spiritual practice over time suddenly desecrated. In return, they handed us their version of religious practices, language, and rules to follow to survive.

We deliberately survived by adopting Greco-Roman, Judea-Christian, Indo-European, and Arabianized cultures who all played a major role in dehumanizing our spiritual and cultural concepts. What we did was used what we had and painted it black instead of holding on to what we knew and continue the teachings and guidance of our ancestors. Venerating ancestors, pouring libation, the worship of nature, defying what we knew by telling mythological stories of this unexplained natural phenomena are centered in African spirituality. What came into Africa had absolutely nothing to do with Africans at all. It taught us to submit, obey, and see ourselves as the cursed people of some biblical story.

Africa did not acknowledge any outside creator gods nor did they subscribe to anything rooted in Hinduism which included this new phoneme called Kmty yoga, 3rd eye, kundalini, astral-projection, tantra, aliens, and the liking. This new age information crept on the continent by the way of foreigners covered in missionary worked determined to control the spiritual message. But like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam we have painted them black, and now argue that we are the creators of all things.

Making a statement like that is not true nor accurate and to make such a claim it would require extensive research backed by hundreds of primary references to validate it. The argument is not over what one decides to practice the argument is over its origins. If we are to claim Africa as our birthplace and call ourselves practicing African spirituality then we must really return to the source. We can no longer attest to feel good rhetoric then turn around and dip it in chocolate like that will justify its meaning.

Prancing around in Dashikis with crystals and red dots on our foreheads screaming black power praying for aliens to come help us is not consciousness. Attending Saturday or Sunday services being preached at about how great this god is and his son still doesn’t make it African because you are black. Allah is not an African deity and shouldn’t be semantically assembled as such. Astral projecting to the 5th dimension and vibrating on at different levels is not a true concept of African spirituality and anyone passing it off as such is playing to the ignorance of many. By simply believing in such practices without knowing makes one Unconscious, and having such a perspective will only prove without any doubt that its origins are outside the continent.

We need to withdraw from this spell that theosophical minds such as Madame Blavatsky and others have cast on us. We need to remove this ignorance by applying the proper methodology to expose its roots. By doing this we will then determine what is ours and what simply is borrowed. Then we can finally put away the paint brush many have used to re-create the images of deities that foreign to the continent of Africans.

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Picture sources: https://wallpapersafari.com/african-wallpaper/








The Rebirth Of Harriet Tubman


By: Ini-Herit Khalfani

Nashville, Tn


Over the past few years, Africans in America have experienced a boat load of police brutality which lead to numerous deaths of unarmed men and women. Between 2015 and 2016 a total of 360+ unarmed Africans in America have died at the hands of law enforcement. 22 African women have been killed by law enforcement alone which has caused some major concerns among a people who once didn’t have issues protecting their women. The Black woman who 20+ thousand years ago was the 1st to be deified, the 1st to ride into combat at her man’s side, the 1st to lead the revolution, the 1st teacher of our children, and the 1st to document time due to her having to keep track of her menstrual cycle.

History has produced some of the most prolific women to have ever walked the earth. When the black man is at his lowest point it is the black woman who carries the load. When the march was lead it was the black woman leading, organizing, facilitating, combating, and laying it on the line for the struggle. One of the most revolutionary women of the 18th century has to be Harriet Tubman. A woman who stood on everything the ancestors instilled in her. Bad to the bone a no-nonsense type of woman who without the help of her man defied the odds by leading the charge attempting to free as many of our ancestors as she could.

Born in Maryland Harriet Tubman “Minty” was one of nine children which eventually would witness her siblings being split up and sold into slavery. She through time had to deal with a lot of heartache and turmoil which would later fuel the fire that transitioned “Minty” into one of Africa’s most liberating women in history. Harriet’s spirit is soaked in the soil of nature’s greatest gifts. The whisper of the Ancestor is constantly waiting to be heard. That energy left behind by her since she transitioned still travels amongst us, and since our Ancestors taught us to call on them in the time of need it’s absolutely clear that she is still working on our behalf. Look at Empress Sekhmet who through community activism has channeled her inner Harriet, and took on the fight to free the African mind and escape this oppression against our people. A revolutionary in her own right dawned the task of fighting the Federal government by clashing with far right racist and white supremacist who lead the rallying cry of millions of Africans at a time whose voices could only be heard in local beauty shops, living rooms, and on social media sites. Her introduction globally was sparked by an outrage of YouTube videos created by a series of violence lashed out at the black community. At a time police attacked and killed Sandra Bland after a recent traffic stop only to open her dead eyes and take pictures of her faking like she was alive was more fuel to a fire that exploded inside of our sister.

A true advocate for liberation who spoke on numerous topics plaguing the community, and solutions to empower ourselves which was not heard by those who chose to make her public enemy number 1. Like Harriet, she assumed the role of a freedom fighter for the liberation of her people, like Harriet she continued her fight on her own merit because it is what Revolutionary woman do. Born in Hempstead, NY Empress Sekhmet “The General” moved to Atlanta, Ga to fulfill a promising career in Accounting. Accounting is what her father had in store for his daughter but she saw fit to do more than just be that. She saw her people struggling decided to become an activist and fight against the injustice that hinders the community.

Check her resume she has a bill that passed through congress, and you can’t name many other revolutionaries who can say that. She’s had numerous viral images and videos circulate around the net, major media outlets have covered her story from the perspective of a 4 minute video the Federal Government chopped up and used against her from a series of other videos to indict her on major charges, also she’s had to deal with numerous threats against her and her family by  racist alt right Klan men. Our modern-day Harriet Tubman has not only garnered up all this attention she continues to do community work by educating and teaching the community everything she can through the programs her organization offers. She is on the front line while the men take a back seat to argue and bang on their keyboards or use YouTube to continue to keep us distracted from the ultimate goal of providing food, clothing, and shelter.

Empress Sekhmet embodies the ideals of our ancestors, carries the exact courage and heart of a Harriet Tubman who was also known as The General. It is only right that we acknowledge this sister’s work, and pay more attention because like Harriet her deeds outweigh the masses mouths. A 21st-century revolutionary standing on her square fighting to free the African woman and man continues to like Harriet organize and exhaust every ounce of her spirit to liberate us all. She took a stand black man now it’s our time to not only honor her but defend the work she has done for the greater good of our people.

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Oyotunji Village: A Trip To Africa In The United States

April 25, 2017

Nashville, Tn

By: Ini-Herit Khalfani

The oldest living African tradition on stolen soul exist in the small county of Sheldon. It is home to the Yoruba and known as the Oyotunji Village. It’s minutes off the highway, a half mile off a dirt road, and sits on about 15 acres of land. To the east of the Royal family lives and the west of the village several Priestesses and Priest live. In the center is where all the activity takes place and to the north of the land sits a rice plantation. The village still harvest its own food growing the essentials necessary to sustain life through farming. The spirit of the ancestors still dwell along an area not to far from the coasts of the Atlantic ocean where it is known in history as some of the earlier ports where our Ancestors entered onto this stolen land. Out in front of the Village before the gates sits a sign and that sign reads ” You are leaving the U.S. You are now entering the Yoruba Kingdom. In the name of his Efuntola, Peace welcome to the sacred Yoruba village built by priest of the Vodun cults as a tribute to our ancestors. These priest preserve the customs, laws, and religion of the African Race. Welcome to our land.” You immediately feel the spirit of this village upon entrance.

As the story of this village is told in a tour it’s eldest King was the 1st priest on United States soil to be named priest. He has as many as 14+wives and 22+kids and the population was as many as 250 people. The newest King of the village is a youthful 26 years of age and has 4 wives and 5 kids. I’m not advocating for polygamy or suggesting one should adopt every aspect of the village what I am advocating for is a sense of self perspective, and the ability to restore the African community paradigm by re-establishing those important cultural practices of our ancestors. In this we will find a sense of pride and accountability by giving ourselves a chance to heal within and out, but most importantly to reclaim a sense of perspective that we lost after being kidnapped and held against our will.

The entire land has been built by hand from every sense of the word. It’s painted every 2 years and continues to have multiple festivals a year pertaining to its original historic African practices. All over the Village we see the elegance of Africa embedded in the culture of the Yoruba. The women of the village hold an esteem position as Priestess which out number the amount of men priest. The village is also known for its mentor-ship with young African ladies as it is important to uplift the African woman as she is intended to be. You do not notice disrespect, misrepresentation, or commercializing a culture in this village. It’s ability to exist on foreign soil as a sovereign Nigerian nation should speak for itself. Yes the Greco-Roman European police feds or whoever are not welcome on the land and will be met with confrontation if they do not have permission from the King to enter. They have their own flags that hang high in the festival hall on the land and with honor will fight to protect its sovereignty.

One of the most mind-boggling things about this village is not too many people even know it exist. Yes it is a lot of Blacks that live in the state of South Carolina that have absolutely no idea that this village rest near the shores of the Atlantic coast. They maintain their culture by speaking the native language of the Yoruba, its names, dress, religious or spiritual practices, and maintaining it all by continuing the most important aspect uplifting the Black Woman. When people say let the Ancestors speak here is a place the Ancestors speak and they speak to the Village daily.

As Africans in America we can learn a lot from the people of Oyotunji, because they are centered in Africaness which the rest of us struggle to obtain daily. This key principle is why people like our Ancestors Doctors: Francis Cress-Wesling, Amos Wilson, John Henrik Clarke, Yosef Ben Jochannon, Chancellor Williams, J.A. Rogers, John G. Jackson, and many more fought and continue to fight to liberate the African mind and encourage one to know their story and remain centered in its perspectives. What we must do is take the knowledge and wisdom of our dear Sisters and Brothers of the village and implement them within our communities and combat the struggles we still face within. Remember it takes a village and that African concept has always been our greatest strength, and that is something that we must get back to in order to combat everything we face as a people today to change our tomorrow.

Marshall’s Law: The Destruction Of Conscious Community


By: Ini-Herit Khalfani

Nashville, Tn


2 years ago a young 20 to 21-year-old man was introduced to a community of people who tuned into a YouTube station whose main focus was to uplift, inspire, combat, inform, and disseminate information to an audience searching for solutions and understanding of themselves and it’s oppression. What was a genuine acknowledgement and introduction suddenly turned into a fan fair with an agenda driven perspective. The majority of this introduction had been heard before from community elders Phil Valentine, Bobby Hemmit, and a few others. However, because of the young man’s personality, passion, energy, and memory he wow’d an audience who has never heard the song he’s sung before.

The problem with his introduction and dealing with this so-called high science turns out to be a repetitive theme in years to come. That theme would later be challenged after a series of attempts to validate his scientific claims and false conclusions. It was on the corners of Harlem one specific night among a panel of scientific minds who found the young man comical and entertaining at best which would expose the flaws in the young man’s methodology. This would also provoke change in a paradigm who as of late has been introduced to the importance of methodology, primary evidence, and sound scholarship.

The young man since then would combat any information coming from a particular group of individuals who all like him had their introduction to this same audience under different circumstances similar but not quiet. Over time Marshall’s Law would form and his methodology would be called to question as his scholarship would be exposed as unscientific, Unafrican, and undesired as it does more harm than hurt. He immediately would be protected by the same person who introduced him to the community due to views and youth who among woman became believers in a young man who pushed a series of teaching that served as a detriment to the African community.

What actually is Marshall’s Law one may ask: it is a series of pseudo claims passed off as scientific fact deceiving a community intentionally with the expectation to create a following behind expectations to defend deny and destroy the intelligence of African Philosophy, Scientific Perspective, and Historic Achievements. Let’s use a working definition of Law by Merriman-Webster to understand exactly what I am arguing “a (1) :  a binding custom or practice of a community :  a rule of conduct or action prescribed (see prescribe 1a) or formally recognized as binding or enforced by a controlling authority.”

Over the past few years we have witnessed a series of binding and controlling customs and practices by followers of a young man who has yet to provide, prove, or show any of his teachings as African let alone truth. In his last disagreement (meaning he’s had more than a few) after a botched living room presentation he made it clear that he was not only going to attack his introducer he in returned would disrespected the elders and vowed to destroy the community which he hustled fooled and condemned as ignorant. His poor methodology would continue to be on display as a series of YouTubers would exploit his living presentation, expose his master teacher, and put his bad character on display all the wild he remained confined to his home continuing to teach in the basement of his residence.

Recently after claiming to take a spiritual break from everything and rejuvenate himself he found himself back in the fold searching for another challenger. This time it would be a familiar opponent for many months who ignored the callings of this young man. Like all his other disagreements this to would go left and once again someone would be the blame for his antics as he would completely embarrassed himself. He refused to stand on his on doctrine or his teachings in fear that he would be exposed and his hustle would end.

After a series of videos to stay relevant he went back to attacking everyone who had something to say to him prior to his scholastic meltdown. This would pose another question as to why one would continue along this path intentionally trying to challenge, argue, fight, threaten, disrespect, and antagonize people’s wives and children. Marshall’s Law seems to be more about binding his followers and destroying a community with hopes that people continue to donate to his go fund me accounts that have absolutely no intention on being used for anything related to creating solution in the community. As he continues in his attempts to bring his law into effect or create go fund me accounts like collection plates it’s imperative that people wise up in the wake of this foolishness and realize the pattern of destruction he’s on. One must remember our ancestors for thousands of years created scientific journals, laws, and a culture centered around uplifting the community and we must  combat ignorance with intelligence and put an end to Marshall’s Law. 

picture source: https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UCunerP9yMzVa4S2D1Wgi0dA?mweb=1

Solutionary Revolutionaries: An Intelligent Perspective To Uplift Our Own

For the past 500 years, Black people have found themselves in a similar situation wondering, worrying, sick and tired, scared thinking about what will tomorrow bring. Many women and men have died with one question on their mind that hasn’t been answered yet. What Must Be Done to free the minds, bodies, and spirits of our people? “Africans were kidnapped, mass transported, dehumanized, deculturized, de-educated, stripped of their applied scientific tradition, and denied skills necessary to create their own civilizations as they had in the past, made dependent, amnesia induced, and worked to death enslaved on lands they do own, building White and Arab civilization for predatory/racist populations, not of their own race/culture. They live lives that are not their own, subordinated underneath increasingly Nazified populations who no longer need their labor or presence.” Through all that we have endured with every single strike, every single blow, and every single negative example made out of us by our oppressor European and Arab we have persevered. With all our struggles, economically, socially, and spiritually time and time again we have looked ourselves in the mirror and wondered What Must Be done!

Chiekh Anta Diop in 1974 wrote a book called “Black Africa”, and his intent from the beginning of the book at that time was set out to organize the African mind on the continent and abroad. He realized that a dream of global unity was farfetched, so he devised a plan for that period of time to help create a better Black Africa. “If we are to protect Black Africa from such a fate the idea of federation must actually constitute for all of us, especially those in high political positions a method of survival (by way of an efficacious political and economic organization to be set up in optimum time), not just a dilatory demagogic formulation receiving merely lip service. We must stop fooling the masses with minor patchwork and bring about the ultimate break with all the fake structures (Communaute’, Commonwealth, Eurafrica) which have no historical future. Black Africa must finally and definitively be started up the slope toward its federal destiny.”** He believed then in 1974 that Black Africa could survive without the help of any other country and could economically back itself alone with the amount of wealth West Africa had if it was to build a federated continent. He knew then that the “consciousness” of the rest of the world was not ready to unify on a grand scale yet if progress could be made on the continent it could spark a domino effect all over the world. He believed that unity of the planet was possible only when people are equal in strength, and could advance to a place that no one would consider to stab one another in the back.

Today America is looked to by Africans abroad to see how will we endure and embrace change as it has once again made headlines all year-long regarding the disparity and racial unjust, economic disparity, and lack of an opportunity for Africans in American. “Therefore, African purpose in life must be higher than temporary survival in this decadent White society. African life is worth more. The goal, the outcome, the purpose must not continue to be a lifelong exercise in helping Whites to build their societies and civilization. It is time to place the same precise value in rebuilding African civilization in Africa that we place in building White civilization for whites.”* The past few years Africans in America have been re-emerging, re-awakening, re-acclaiming momentum from past movements. This time it is left up to those of us who are willing to move the needle further than our ancestors ever could have inspired to do so, and by doing that we must see to it that our survival is more important than our individual selves. Like our great Ancestor, Dr. Diop we must revisit his 1974 plan of action for a Black Africa and use that initiative to create a Black America as an example for the world to see. Maybe then we can use that momentum and rebuild Black Africa after we have proven ourselves worthy here even though we are dealing with a failed economy, an unjust justice system, poor school systems, lack of jobs, and a lack of unity amongst ourselves. Every so many years  questions are  posed to a particular generation of people: Who will lead? How will they lead? What is your plan of action, and Where are your leaders for your generation?

So far, my generation has generated a bunch of loud mouths, regurgitating, old argument having, egotistical, disrespectful, YouTube personalities who have failed to carry a sacred torched left to us by a people who have long waited for an opportunity to pass it. Even with all the misguided youth, egos, and noise from our peers, it’s a select few who continue to steer the course and bring forth solutions to the community which can guide us in a direction many before us have failed to reach. Dagger Squad Inc founded by Garfield Reid has brought forth a 9-point plan that we can implement in our communities and seriously consider. This could help us create a 5000-mile bridge back to Black Africa where we can migrate back to or help solve the issues of our brothers and sisters abroad.  Dagger Squad Inc 9-point plan outlines a strong perspective geared toward 1) Urban Development, 2) Credit Repair, 3) Real Estate and other investments, 4) Legal Counseling, 5) Banking Research, 6) Conflict Resolution, 7) Buying and Abandon Town and Rebuilding it, 8) Educating with schools centered in teaching Science and Technology, and 9) Social and Political Awareness. For a people with no plan of action if one was to die they also offer Life Insurance, stock tips, help with student loans, government contracts, and tax services to name a few. Within the past 30 days they have opened an online solutions page for people looking to advertise their business, get real-time questions answered, and they will continue their weekly economic empowerment show advertised on one of the biggest platforms in the “Conscious Community.”

University of Kmt Press also has written solutions in several of their works regarding the African woman and man in America looking to return home, but most importantly prepare themselves for what some may seem to call the biggest war we will have to fight to regain our presence on this Earth. In What Must Be Done they outline 13 clear-cut solutions regarding the transition for those of us who are looking to escape America heading home to Africa.

  • The Africans in America who return home for work must systematically purge themselves of all attitudes and behaviors of individualism, sexism, prostitution, cowardice, escapism, selfishness, elitism, and profiteering.
  • Africans who are located in various micro-nations, must unify and racially and culturally transcend the micronational boundaries that presently exist;
  • The two groupings of Pan-Africanists on either side of the Atlantic who are selfless, forward thinking, and hard working, must be united and disciplined under an uncompromising collectivists all-African international organization;
  • This All-African international organization must keep reliable probes on the pulses of the imminent collapsible U.S. economy and the campaign for violence directed at African Americans. Continual, comprehensive, and credible studies are needed to accurately determine the proper timing of the legitimate streams to Africa.
  • African organizations must devise and implement broad programs for educations Black folk people of the necessity and great opportunity of this move. They must also provide the framework and the organizational structure for cleaning and educating Africans in America so that Black folk will all be productive entities of national development in Africa to mutually benefit all participants.
  • Organizations must also develop comprehensive relocation programs that gives specificity to each of the three critical, broad-based areas concerning the transportation for Black folk reunification:
  • Next, organizations must prepare the timely movement of African Americans to designated exit points in America;
  • Next, organizations must, with proper timing, mass transport African Americans across the Atlantic in the most efficient and reliable manner to strategic entry points on the African continent;
  • There must be demographic classification and accounting of African American population’s age, sex, volume, quantity, quality, skill type, skill levels, rate of migration, volume of migration, types of transportation, i.e., land, air, water means;
  • Next, there must be the dispersal of newly returned Africans into various locations based on the critical variables of productivity and safety;
  • The Scientific program of action for the social, cultural, political, and economic merging of Continental Africans with Africans from the diaspora.
  • Identify and unite with Black folk reflection on the continent. Thus Black folk must unite with Black folk people on the continent who are organized to work with any Africans, regardless of their present national geography, provided that they embrace the collectivist and mutualist approach to Pan-Africanist national development.
  • Africans on both sides of the Atlantic are too intellectually and painstakingly hammer out the mission, structure, and procedures of political apparatus that is to be mobilized for purposes of building a unified Pan-Africanist nation that is free from balkanization, exploitation, degradation, and privation.

In order to successfully prepare ourselves for any type of transition rather it be buying an abandoned town and building our own community, they’re, escaping America and returning home to Africa, or continuing out our lives as we have been the past few hundred years. We must remember “There can be no compromise, and we will in the future allow no creation of White States in whatever form or for whatever pretext, regardless of the apparent prestige of hypocritical international organization proposing such states. We will drive no one out, for we are not racists. We will wipe out the minority but will insist upon democratically proportional participation in the way states are governed. We will not accept stratification of national life in these future states on an ethnic basis. No country, until now, has solved its minority problem in any other manner. Those who cannot service us as examples are not qualified to offer us advice, much less give us orders.”**

Without the African woman, our presence here or abroad is useless and we will have to make great efforts to restore her to her rightful place. Without her, our gains will be limited and our grip on society will be unjust. It will not be organic not without the woman she is the solution to a lot of our problems. We solve her and she will help us solve it all. We have a tough road ahead of us but like many before us and many after us our time is now, and it is our responsibility to allow our thinkers to think and our doors to do while our elders assist and aid us as we prepare our youth collectively to continue the fight if we fall short of our goal. We have a course of action to solve our problems, and preparing for the unknown must not be feared. We can actually implement a 9 point plan, Back to Africa movement, and dream of a Black Africa by taken the proper steps necessary to see it through. It can no longer just talk because talk is cheap and it’s time to put up or shut up!

The Tragedy of Paul Kagame’s Rwanda

“RWANDA, Uganda, Burundi and their proxy militias are THE PRIMARY EXPLOITERS OF COLTAN IN THE CONGO”

Kagame’s regime in Rwanda has been nothing short of a disaster. On “Friends of the Congo” website, Rwanda’s role in robbing Congo’s resources are described as follows:

“RWANDA, Uganda, Burundi and their proxy militias are THE PRIMARY EXPLOITERS OF COLTAN IN THE CONGO. In an 18 month period Rwanda made $250 million as a result of exploitation of coltan in the Congo. Although Rwanda and Uganda possess little or no coltan, during the period of the war in the Congo, their exports escalated exponentially. For example, Rwanda’s coltan export went from less than 50 tons in 1995 to almost 250 tons in 1998. Zero cassiterite was transported from the Congo to Uganda in 1998, however by 2000, 151 drums were transported.1

Kagame’s forces invaded Rwanda in 1990 with the assistance of Uganda’s Museveni and, after destabilizing the country via mass killings, particularly in the north, took power. Some assert that it was Kagame who, in 1994, ordered the assassinations of Juvénal Habyarimana, president of Rwanda and Cyprien Ntaryamira, president of Burundi, both Hutus. In 1996, Rwanda and Uganda invaded Congo which resulted in million of deaths, many from starvation and disease caused by the fighting.

What we have here are two Afrikan “leaders”, Museveni (Uganda) and Kagame (Rwanda), who are obviously doing the bidding of american, european and israeli capitalists. Kagame was/is armed by them thus facilitating his bloody rise to power in central east Afrika.

And what about Kagame’s Rwanda today? Rwanda is the world’s leading producer of Coltan despite the fact that Rwanda has very little coltan itself2. In fact, as can be seen from the “Friends of the Congo” citation above, Rwanda’s incredible jump in “production” of coltan matches it’s invasion of Congo in 1990.

Kagame and his henchmen rule with an iron fist and continue to plunder Congo for its resources. The regime has supported proxy thugs like M23 in Congo to provide cover for its ongoing crimes. The “government” is hostile to dissent, the free press and, perhaps most importantly, the Truth. Political dissent and freedom of the press are not allowed in Rwanda. Dissenters are regularly jailed and, in some cases, assassinated.3

It is now a serious offense to question the “official narrative” about the “genocide” in Rwanda, Burundi and Congo. The official narrative is that the Hutu’s committed genocide against the Tutsi because of the Tutsi’s privileged positions in their respective societies. There are, however, competing narratives that suggest that the purpose of the entire gruesome, bloody affair is to enable american and european capitalists to secure unimpeded, cheap access to coltan and other strategic minerals.

Rwanda’s 2014 abstention from a UN Security Council resolution calling for israel to end its illegal occupation of Palestinian territories demonstrates the historically important role it has played as a capitalist doormat. To make matters worse, on March 28, 2017, Kagame rubbed salt in the wound by being the first Afrikan head of state to speak to, brace yourself, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in Washington, DC. Kagame gushed in his praise of israel, saying, “Rwanda is without a question a friend of Israel!4

Kagame and Museveni are, unfortunately, all too typical of the misleadership that Afrikans on the continent and throughout the Diaspora endure. We are still, in too many instances, dealing with what is effectively a neocolonial shituation. Let’s define neocolonialism:


1. The policy or practice of a wealthy or powerful nation in extending its influence into a less developed one, especially in EXPLOITING THAT NATION’S RESOURCES.

2. Political control by an outside power of a country that is IN THEORY SOVEREIGN AND INDEPENDENT, ESPECIALLY THROUGH THE DOMINATION OF ITS ECONOMY.

3. Domination of a small or weak country by a large or strong one without the assumption of direct government.

4. The policy by which a nation EXERTS POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC CONTROL over a less powerful independent nation or region.

We can see from the above definitions and a cursory examination of current world events that neocolonialism is alive and well in 2017. Clearly, Kagame’s Rwanda is a willing colonial agent assisting american and european capitalists to exploit Congo’s resources. The capitalists have always been able to find people to become agents on their behalf and, unfortunately, they will continue to do so. Like John Henrik Clarke said, “Money don’t just talk, it shouts and screams.” Rwanda is definitely on the capitalist payroll.

The real tragedy is that other Afrikan nations are not much better off. While their “leaders” might not be quite as monstrous as Kagame and Museveni, they are still, in far too many cases, assimilationist, greedy, and allergic to the creation and exercise of Afrikan Sovereignty, Self-Determination and True Democracy. The heads of state of the 14 Afrikan nations who WILLINGLY allow France to hold their NATIONAL RESERVES in French banks are another nightmarish example of an ongoing neocolonial relationship on the continent.5

In fact, it could be argued that Afrikans throughout the Diaspora are living with a similar neocolonial arrangement. In the Americas, the object of exploitation is not coltan but our labor and consumer dollars but that’s another story for another time.

Time for a Clean Break!


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The Commercialization Of African Culture And Spirituality



By:Ini-Herit Khalfani

February 14, 2017

Nashville, Tn

For the past few thousand years an attempt to demoralize, erase, and sweep under the rug the presence of African culture has been in play. With the rise of Greco-Roman influence worldwide it gave them power to re-write history from it’s perspective. The Hellenistic period of ancient times was a tide turner. It gave people with no previous history beyond 8-10 thousand years an opportunity to caste it’s influence on the world.

In recent years the same system that tried to erase and change history is now watering down and demonizing historical views by controlling  things through the commercializing of African cultures. The 1st to face this problem of course is African Kmt whose history is well written by The Ancient Remetch that left millions of clues about its past. The past few years you have seen The Music Industry, Hollywood, and pseudo-scientific marketing strategies promote the glamor of African Kmt without promoting it’s true history from an African perspective. Today you’ll see hip-hop artist and rnb artist wearing Ankhs with crosses or tattoos of mAat, Ankhs, and King Tut. You even have Chinese, Arab, and Jewish companies selling all kind of Kmty materialized practices such as yoga, food, clothing, and even toys which has created a fad surrounding such a historic civilization that brought forth all we know today.

A few nights ago sister Beyoncé performed at the grammys one of her songs off her Lemonade album. It was not her song or performance that sparked a worldwide Internet frenzy it was her costume. Dressed as beautiful West African Yoruba Orisa Goddess her stylist nailed the essence of bringing forth a historical presence of a culture unlike Kmt that has not been disrespected or commercialized. In her attempt to raise awareness of our African ancestral practices and spiritual systems she by some instances exposed the ignorance in the African American communities and it’s religious followers of the Abrahamic faith. Some demonized her, others praised her, some in the conscious community who practice faithfully the West African spiritual system found it a bit disrespectful. Now, with all these different personalities and opinions one can see the grip racism white supremacy has on the views and opinions of African in America and abroad.

You can not blame the Ife community for feeling the way it does due to recent commercializations of Kmt. Playing with African spiritual systems have consequences one may never consider to take seriously. We can question if Beyoncé is genuine in her attempt to expose our brothers and sisters to our Ancestors,however one thing is for certain her influence on her followers is significant. This could have 2 outcomes  on our brothers and sisters: expose them to who they really are or start another commercialization of a African paradigm with a rich tradition in culture and spirituality.

Society has a problem targeting us as a people and our struggles. They make it easy to promote our history for its own personal gains while many of those who are not quite aware of their history see it equally from the perspective of the oppressor as entertainment, fiction, and culturally unacceptable. When you can control the initiative you can control the agenda,  and we as a people have grown accustomed to following suit ignoring the message and meaning behind our lives being their entertainment.

One way to combat any attempt of commercializing our culture is raising awareness and promoting our culture on a grand scale. Using idols such as a Beyoncé or the music and movie industries as a opportunity to teach not preach to our children using proper methodology to expose them to where they really come from and who our true African Gods and Goddesses are across the continent. We can no longer stay silent allowing fads to control the narrative using each trending topic as a teaching opportunity to encourage our people to get to know more about who they are, where they come from, and what they knew not believed before our lives changed at the hands of our oppressor. Remaining silent will allow those who have controlled the narrative for far to long to continue to commercialize our culture and demonize our spirituality and continuing to push their faith and beliefs on us for their economical control and spiritual gain.


#Beyoncé #Grammys

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