The Dangers of Pseudoscience!

Pseudoscience is a burden on society that causes misinformation and hinders growth. In the pan-African community, we strive to shed light on the misled and disarm pseudoscience. The word pseudo is defined as “not genuine; a sham.” From just the name it’s easy to work out that pseudoscience is a fake science however different types of pseudo-sciences manage to brainwash people every day into trusting in potentially harmful myths.One of the worst myths affecting the pan-African community today comes from Nicholas Wade. Wade published “A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History” in 2014. In this book, Wade discusses how different races are genetically superior to be more gifted in certain areas and also have specific personality traits.  For example, Wade believes that Europeans are forward thinking and successful while Africans are impulsive and quick to consume everything they have. By spreading misinformation to the masses, Wade stunts the growth of our communities by making them ignorant. You need to be able to think critically to develop, and pseudoscience thrives on black and white thinking.When creators of pseudo-sciences trick their followers into blindly following unsupported claims, the supporters begin to think about things in black and white. This concrete thinking style is closed off and prevents people from being open to change. By spreading black and white thinking amongst its followers, it severely dampens their potential to be innovative as they aren’t able to look outside their set beliefs. By striping people of some of their creative potential we rob society of potential innovations. Pseudoscience can often act like a cult; creators focus on trying to convince you that only they know the truth and anyone that doesn’t share their beliefs are dangerously ignorant. Creators of these false sciences want support for their beliefs. They want you to blindly follow them as they lack the proof to back their claims. This leads to a massive separation from a community as a wedge is split between them and pseudoscience followers to prevent their beliefs being challenged.Wade’s work is nothing short of scientific racism; it not only spreads ignorance but also promotes racial inequality. By promoting the idea that certain races are superior to others, he deprives people of opportunities. Once the belief of racial superiority begins to take root in people’s minds then discrimination rears its ugly head. Suddenly the color of your skin might give you a disadvantage at a job interview or from getting into the school you want. Even though pseudoscience can seem innocuous due to its ridiculous sounding beliefs and lack of scientific evidence, it is a dangerous threat lurking in the shadows. The lies and prejudices manage to worm their way into people’s heads through repetition and peer pressure come out subliminally through discriminative thoughts and actions. Don’t take my word for it, though, go out and research it; By questioning and researching everything and always keeping an open mind you can help fight pseudoscience.

Nyah Amara-VOF

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