University Professor Denies Debate with Young Pharaoh! 

After watching Young Pharaoh Video entitled “Debate December 3rd With Caucasian Biology Director” I sent a media request to Dr. Elliot Altman  requesting confirmation of the date, time, and the location of the event. I introduced myself and provided Dr. Altman with a brief discription of the purpose of my request. I informed Dr. Altman that I was the Editor of Voices of Fire Blog and asked the professor to provide a brief explanation into his decision to debate Young Pharaoh.

Good Morning Dr. Altman,

My name is Nyah Amara and I work with a group of men and women dedicated teaching science and technology in the African American community. My primary focus is blogging on primary issues that impact our social, emotional, and psychological well being. We are an online community specifically on Facebook, YouTube, and twitter with goal of expanding to the greater African community. It has come to our attention that you accepted an debate with a social media personality by the name of Young Pharaoh scheduled on December 3, 2016 at Middle Tennessee University. So in preparation, I wanted to do my due diligence by requesting confirmation that you actually a) accepted debate, and b) to obtain more specific details on the Who, what, when, and why allowing me to present the most accurate information to my supporters. 

My deadline for publishing the November 10,2016. Therefore the purpose of this request is to obtain a general overview of the topic of discussion including the research question, and clarification on what specific facts went into your decision to debate a social media YouTube personality? Thank you for time and energy. I look forward to your response. 

Best Wishes,

Nyah Amara 

Voices of Fire Blog

After about three hours the university professor responded “This is new to me. I have not been contacted by anyone other than yourself regarding this”.Elliot Altman-. Although many of the details of this story are still emerging and many unanswered questions still remain, I decided to write a blog because I felt it is imperative that the community explore the ramifications of trusting an individual who routinely fails to fact check his information before presenting that information to the community as fact? 

Based on my email communications with Dr. Altman, it’s clear that he did not agree to a debate on Evolution like Young Pharoah claimed, however what’s unclear is why would YP advertise an event, publish a video, and then ask his supporters for donations for an event he did not confirm? What is known, is he compared this accomplishment to the work of the great ancestors and then thanked his friend “Guakhenaten” for “setting up the debate”even after admitting he had not talked to Dr. Altman directly. This and many other events brings into question YP methodology and the validity of his claims and more importantly his ability to engage information on a level worthy of being compared to the late great ancestors Malcom  X and Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad! 

Voices of Fire Blog!!
Nyah Amara


8 thoughts on “University Professor Denies Debate with Young Pharaoh! 

  1. Why would you need to contact this professor ahead of the debate to begin with? If Pharaoh was lying about this event would it not have been clear to all when the debate did not happen? And your wording of the letter, letting the professor know Pharaoh was a youtube attraction, and asking what lead to his decision to debate him ahead of the debate is suspect. Why does the professor need to know he is on youtube? And why couldn’t your questions wait until after the debate was over? I have never heard of anyone doing anything like this. It would seem as if you had an agenda which was to derail this event either by your own accord or through the direction of others. Perhaps if this debate went off as scheduled the men and women who you work with couldn’t label this man’s information as pseudo. It is also interesting that you failed to identify the group of men and women teaching science and technology in the African American community. Can you do so please so there is transparency in this blog. Because, for example, if this would turn out to be a group that has clashed with Pharaoh before one could easily conclude that it would benefit them if this debate would not go off as it would “legitimize” his scholastic aptitude.


  2. I am curious, do the men and women you claimed to work with have public debates? And if you are following a standard media protocol like you are implying then I would assume you have similar emails you have sent to parties that these men and women would have been debating? If you can show these correspondences that would allay any concerns that you might have had an underlying agenda. Also, again for the sake of transparency, would please identify the men and women you work with teaching science and technology in the community. If any thing I’m sure the community would like to know who they are so they can have the opportunity to learn from them.


    1. The men and women I work for are all people interested in science and technology as a tool to eliminate the devastating impact of racism in our community. These are every day people and do not represent one specific group, but a collective group of individuals who believe in research based methodology as essential in fighting racism and white supremacy. Some people use youtube, I use blogging. Other than that, I am independent, I set my rules, and execute my own plans based on my training as professional using the same codes of conduct and evidence based practices proved to effective in engaging people from all walks of life. So my affiliations with any one group did not drive my decision to send a media request. Instead my mission, my vision, and my dedication to African people were the driving factors and the source of my inspiration.As it relates to providing you with any emails, this referenced debate would have been my very first debate due to the stated significance and ramifications. Also, I am very new to blogging about political issues in this community, so Although i acknowledge the need for improvements, I most reintegrate that confirming the accuracy of information before publishing it is standard in this line of work, and was no way shape or fashion a result of any affiliations or ill intent. Thanks for your concern! Nyah


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