University Professor Denies Debate with Young Pharaoh  Pt 3. No More Lies! 

University Professor Denies Debate with Young Pharaoh Pt 3. No More Lies

During a recent interview on youtube, our editor  was accused of Sabotaging an upcoming debate between Young Pharaoh professor Elliot Altman. She joined the panel with Ankh West of the Amen Ra Squad, Young Marcus, and Young Pharoah where she discussed the real nature of this so-called “debate.” Not only was she accused of sabotaging the debate by Young Pharoah during this interview, but she was also verbally attacked by his followers in the chat and comments section. If you have been following our articles on this matter, you will see that these attacks were without merit given that in previous blogs we provided sufficient proof that there was never a debate. 

 Upon viewing the email below, you will find additional proof that confirms there was never a debate and Morris Eguakun who is a student at  Tennessee State University emailed Professor Altman and portrayed the event as a panel discussion among five other Professors.  Yet in two separate videos uploaded to YP personal Facebook page, he lied to his followers stating VOF sabotaged his event by revealing his stage name, which again was a fabrication given the following email  shows the professor specifically asked Morris Eguakun to send him the names of the professors, not once mentioning Young Pharaoh by his government or stage name. Needless to say,  Dr. Altman  never  received the names, despite sending the request two weeks prior to the Voices of Fire inquiry. 

Now that we provided primary sources that to support our position that Dr. Altman never agreed to a debate with YP,  let’s take a closer look into Young Pharaoh’s claim that we sabotaged his event by examining  the flyer published on his YouTube account.  If this image is correct, we then need to ask the critical question, how did VOF sabotage his debate when he advertised the event using his stage name along with the Professor’s name, and academic institution? These are all questions that need to be asked before attacking the validity of this story  because once we critically  examine these claims, it becomes clear that Pharaoh lied about the professor knowing his government name and only used the inquiry by VOF as a way to manipulate the truth and avoid taking personal accountability!

This brings into focus his true motives and character  because once  he was informed that the Professor denied  knowing anything about the debate, he revealed to Garfield Reid of Dagger Squad live in SA Neter TV that the Professor likely backed out of the debate and that “it didn’t matter because he had already  been paid”. It wasn’t until later that day,  that he changed his position from the professor backing out to a planned attack against his upcoming opponents the Amen Ra Squad. Which is also is a fabrication!  After these claims did not work, he then published a second  video where he referred  to the writer of the  VOF as a “Bitch” and a dickhead (click bitch for proof).   And like most sociopaths,  in his rage, he continued to make false accusations after false accusations refusing to admit that just maybe, he was deceived by a so-called friend,  looking to scam his followers out of  donations for a debate that was really just a panel discussion. He instead switched the narrative to one of sabotage without fully grasping the consequences of his actions.

Then to make matters even worse, he tripled down on his lie by claiming that he was in the middle of contract negotiations with the professor despite evidence that there were never any contracts, correspondence, or any other agreements between Dr. Altman and  Young Phoraoh.

After reviewing all the facts of this story, it’s clear that this entire incident could have been quickly resolved if YP would have admitted that his friend may have lied about the debate that was never really a debate in the first place.  Instead,  he attacked VOF,  he attacked Amen Ra Squad, and the entire community by using his power to manipulate his followers into believing that he wronged to justify his retaliation against the editor of VOF  creating a hostile environment. In my opinion, the worse kind of man is one that refuses to be corrected when the facts are clear. We will continue to cover this story as long as he continues to bash, lie, and deceive the community!

Written by:

Addae Akousa

Editor: Nyah Amara

Voices of Fire


9 thoughts on “University Professor Denies Debate with Young Pharaoh  Pt 3. No More Lies! 

  1. Young Pharaoh is clearly in the wrong and he does spew out sociopathic tendencies. Sociopaths tend to create followers and have yes men around them. They continue to denounce any truth and clearly show no signs of work capabilities and hide under the guise of a hard worker and leader until you look at their performance record. He is a danger to our community.


  2. A rather cogent exigesis!
    Big ups.pretty sure pt 4 should nail the coffin shut.we didn put him there he bodied himself. What an idiot.


  3. The debate was not scheduled by young pharoah but a “promoter” from Tennessee. Young pharoah made the error of advertising the event prematurely based on the information told to him from the person promoting the event. A person with journalistic integrity would’ve gotten both sides of the story and remain neutral while presenting the truth, anything other than that is called propaganda. If you are going to slant the truth to cater to a certain demographic then you are no better than fox news.

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        ~ ‘AIY, ANI


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