The Internal Conflict within the Conscious Community!

Nyame Ubuntu

Dallas Texas

December 30, 2016

 Unity to do what? Black power for what? Group economics for what? In the light of this you tube soap opera we can see the internal conflict that black people suffer from. We don’t have a  national Identity, we don’t know what our economic structure should look like. We pattern ourselves after American and British colonial concepts. We develop our culture from Jewish and Arab Imperialist dogma. In each case, we end up hating and exploiting ourselves just as the fore mentioned groups hated and exploited us.

With all the history that has been proclaimed over the last 10 years, we continue to repeat the mistakes of the past. Booker T Washington vrs W.E.B. Dubois, Dubois vrs Garvey…etc. This fight for who will be the Black leader has raged for decades. Now we need to understand that we don’t need one leader, but leadership in different area’s of Nation Building.

In the conscious community many individuals are battling  for limited resources, in this case the resource is social status.  This is common among all ethnic groups or cultures. Black people have limited resources, and with limited resources comes a mad scramble for the control of those resources. This is an evolutionary processes among all life forms, from the micro level to the societal level. What exacerbates this particular problem  is that there is no benefit to the people in the end. It is an exercise in futility, pointless and counter revolutionary.

Amos Wilson explains the power potential in this manner;

“We may infer from Coleman’s exposition that a group’s power potential or actuality may be remarkably enhanced or gravely weakened by enhancing or impairing the abilities and characteristics of its individual members. Where the personal qualifications and qualities of its individual members are too scarce or inadequate; where they may suffer conflicting needs, (i.e., needs which pull them in opposing directions); where their emotional conflicts and tensions cause debilitation irritations among them leading to their inability to objectively consider their problems as well as distracting their attention from the tasks at hand, the group may fail to achieve its goals or may reach inadequate or unsatisfactory resolutions of its problems.”

Blueprint for Black Power.

In this case, the people lose by promoting individuals who promote themselves above the collective.  This causes problems within the social structure. The masses of Black people will depend on the entertainment aspects of the movement, while trusting in their enemies to provide the goods and services needed for life essentials.

Amos Wilson also notes;

“Modern mass urban society-with its weakened family, community, religion, and social group ties-may increase the individual’s sense of powerlessness. In the absence of meaningful social interaction, people search for synthetic ties to replace the ones lost in the process of modernization. They become other directed-that I, decreasingly reliant on their own consciences and increasingly dependent upon other people for their ideas and actions. The other-directed person is easily manipulated by the mass media, by demagogic leaders, and by mass political movements.”

Blueprint for Black power.

The definition of a psychosis; a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.

The conscious community is a sub-culture of the greater African American community. What is taking place within it is also occurring in the greater culture. “WE DON’T HAVE A GRASP OF COLLECTIVE REALITY.”  Reality should teach us that we need to turn away from entertainment, and focus on education. However, we choose to escape reality, and bask in the sea of emotional tv, radio and you tube personalities.


The quintessential issue for Black people is empowerment. Do we have the power to do what we say we are going to do? The answer is no, and we know this. We know that education is important, yet we are helpless in revolutionizing the educational system for Black America, why? Well, we are handcuffed through our minds.

Amos Wilson explains it;

“Psychic Violence- The most powerful obstacle against the liberation of Africkan peoples from White domination and exploitation is not the ability of Whites to use superior military or police firepower or their threat to use it against Africkan insurgency, but is their ability to engage in unrelenting psychopolitical violence against the collective Afrikan psyche. It is the White monopoly on psychic violence and their devastatingly ingenious use of it against the minds of Afrikan peoples which represent the greatest threat to Afrikan survival.”

Blueprint for Black Power

We, the people, the Black masses have to make a conscientious change in the way we educate ourselves and change what we consider entertainment. By the way, there is no such thing as edutainment, it is an illusion.









Rastafari Is A Revolutionary Movement

So, in essence, RASTAFARI ORIGINATED AS A REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT that took shape beginning in the 1930’s in Jamaica amongst the poor and downtrodden. It grew out of the determination of Afrikan people to RESIST and eventually OVERTHROW THEIR OPPRESSORS and REBUILD Afrikan High Culture. Its original focus was and, hopefully, remains one of Afrikan Liberation!

There’s a lot of b.s. out here today regarding Rastafari. Rastafari was created and emerged at a particular time in history, in a particular place, among a particular people for a particular purpose. Born in Jamaica among the poor ascendants of enslaved Afrikans in the early 1930’s, it grew slowly and deliberately until exploding into international consciousness in the late-1960’s and early-1970’s thanks to reggae music.

The pillars of Rastafari are:

  1. Afrikan people must remember and reclaim their Afrikan Identity;
  2. Human beings are innately divine;
  3. Afrika is the Sacred Homeland of Afrikan people;
  4. Knowledge of Afrikan history and culture is critical to gaining knowledge of self and the re-emergence of Afrikan High Culture;
  5. Afrikan people must return home to Afrika to once again live prosperous lives in Justice, Truth and Love;
  6. The Afrikan woman is the Nurturer of Human Life and should be respected as such;
  7. Emperor Selassie and Ethiopia are revered;
  8. Pan-Afrikanism and Afrikan nationalism are essential to achieving Self-Determination for Afrikan people; All Afrikan people are One and will once again rise to Power;
  9. Nature is the source of all knowledge and wisdom;
  10. Rastafari is Anti-Racist, Anti-Colonial, Anti-capitalist, Anti-Zionist, Anti-Slavery and Anti-War.

THE CHRISTIAN BIBLE IS NOT A FOUNDING DOCUMENT OF RASTAFARI! The founding documents of Rastafari such as the HOLY PIBY by Robert Athlyi Rogers, THE PROMISED KEY by Leonard P. Howell, and THE ROYAL PARCHMENT SCROLL OF BLACK SUPREMACY by Fitz Balintine Pettersburg still exist and can be read today by anyone interested. Many of those who were directly involved in the birth and evolution of Rastafari are still alive. There are many Rastafari thinkers who have discussed and written about the origins and Deep Thought of Rastafari. Consequently, there is no excuse to spread false doctrine.

Rastafari got its spark from Marcus Garvey’s prophecy that a king would be crowned in Ethiopia that would mean the liberation of Afrikan people was at hand. IT DID NOT EMERGE DIRECTLY FROM THE BIBLE. THE BIBLE WAS USED LATER TO JUSTIFY THE PROPHECY AND SUBSEQUENTLY IT CONTINUES TO BE USED.

Today, there are people all over the planet who claim Rastafari and know nothing about it. Many of them see it as a modern day “hippy culture” that merely engages in smoking marijuana, singing, dancing and listening to music. They do not acknowledge the founding ideas of Rastafari and insist on substituting pop culture in its place. This is particularly true of non-Afrikan “rastas” who have infiltrated the culture and profit from it 24-7.

Unfortunately, there are too many “rastas” who water down the revolutionary message of Rastafari in order to sell records and make money performing and djaying.

The following quote from the political analyst Horace Campbell is relevant:


“Race consciousness remains an integral part of the class consciousness of African peoples as long as Euro-American culture seeks to harmonize the economic and political domination of black peoples with attempts at destroying their cultural personality. Such a harmonizing project of dehumanization started in the era of the slave trade, when the day-to-day atrocities were unified by a cultural assault—whether French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese or British—to impose European ideas and values on the dominated Africans.”

“In the face of cultural resistance—manifest in religious practices, the preservation of African languages, African medicinal and healing crafts, and musical forms of communication—and open slave revolts, the slavers deepened their racist theories, building upon the original biblical justification for racial inferiority with the kind of pseudo-science which led to the theories of Arthur Jensen (that black people were genetically inferior to white people).”-Horace Campbell (“Rasta and Resistance: From Marcus Garvey to Walter Rodney, Page 1”

So, in essence, RASTAFARI ORIGINATED AS A REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT that took shape beginning in the 1930’s in Jamaica amongst the poor and downtrodden. It grew out of the determination of Afrikan people to RESIST and eventually OVERTHROW THEIR OPPRESSORS and REBUILD Afrikan High Culture. Its original focus was and, hopefully, remains one of Afrikan Liberation!

Don’t get it twisted!!


  1. Rasta and Resistance: From Marcus Garvey to Walter –
  2. The Holy Piby –
  3. The Promised Key –
  4. The Royal Parchment Scroll of Black Supremacy –

A Tale Of Two Seti’s: The Disappearing Act Of A So Called General


Ini-Herit Khalfani


December 8, 2016 Elliot Blunt aka Sa rA Suten Seti “Mr. 147th start General” published a video guaranteeing that he is a lock for the upcoming debate on December 18 against the Amen Ra Squad. In his video he made the reference to not missing the debate for a million dollars. Elliot made numerous claims that his presentation would be “The Standard for anyone speaking about the Medew Netcher.” He then began to boast and brag about being the best scholar hands down of this generation, and how put together his presentation is. 3 days before the debate I wonder if Elliot reconsidered that million dollar offer, took that money, and got out of dodge.

After watching his presentation for the 3rd time Elliot did the right thing by tucking his tail and running. He blamed all but his name on the “Cracker”, and he refused to stick to the topic of the debate. If he was going up against a “Cracker” he would have done a great job of characterizing him as a “Pale Face Nazi Jew.” Rewind time back a few months ago when he poked his chest out throwing all kind of subliminal messages at the Amen Ra Squad. He mocked them for months taken all kinds of shots at them personally and scholastically every opportunity he got. He ran a continuous live stream via Facebook or YouTube every other day some times 2 or 3 times a day. With all the hype surrounding this debate he was set to surpass his supposedly greatest moment where he shined in the “Alim Bey vs Seti debate” and all we got was a no-show and a big excuse.

Mr. Blunt for months had the loudest mouth in the room, and to his credit he was pushed to the forefront by a long time friend whose platform he continues to say he built. This was the perfect opportunity for him to show us if he either lost his mind or regained his sanity within himself. He failed to deliver just like he did during the Nasi debate where he looked over-confident, cocky, and sluggish in his approach. The jury is still out on who Elliot really is because he is far from a General and by definition alone he is not fit to lead anyone into battle against any enemy at any time.

On the eve of the debate during the 9th hour Elliot decided to once again do a live stream this time on another channel unrelated to the debate to air out some last minute issues that his debate partner was having. Not once did he have an issue with the stipulations of the debate until his partner started demanding things one would justify as unreasonable for a 1st time debtor. Elliot saw this as an opportunity to get out of this debate, make all kind of excuses possible, and not face defeat which would have happen based on a comparative study of his presentation vs theirs.

Elliot put himself at odds with the entire Kemetic Community, but most importantly with his Master Teachers who for years raised him up in the craft and taught him what he knows. Elliot the self proclaim “General” who decided to lose his rank and follow a young man who is half his age showed he is not fit to lead at all he’s fit to follow. A general doesn’t concede a general leads, a general doesn’t tuck his tail, a general stands firms gives directions and provides clarity to a tense situation. With honor dignity and respect a General has the command of his troops, but in this instance the true General was on display calling the shots all the way back to Buffalo on the night of “The Debate”.

What more can we expect from a self proclaim General who dodged what would have been a defining moment in his career. Scholastically Elliot has been everything short of leader of men and woman. He has no economic strategy to free his people, he has yet to develop community action programs to assist the needy, and he will not produce certain works to liberate a people with his bang on the beast mentality. When he spent the past 3 months banging on his brethren it was evident then that his plans was to continue to personally attack anyone that disagreed with his approach and perspective on the topic. He accused people several times of slander and personal attacks, but all the real evidence points to him doing just that and when people respond to him then he plays victim. These are significant signs of a spoiled brat looking to gained the attention of anyone that will listen to someone who’ll entertain them.

In his presentation which was approximately 169:33 minutes Elliot address everything  European trying to paint his opponent out as a worshiper of European methodology. In doing so he could manipulate his listeners or followers with bad scholarship by entertaining them with a slew of white man this, cracker that,homosexual this, fag that. One of his most remember-able moments  during his presentation was the moment he stated that the “European Nazi Jews created the Medew Netcher.” How could you bang on them for 2 hours then give them credit for producing the most sacred African script known as Sesh Medew Netcher, and by saying language so many times it was clear he didn’t understand what decipherment meant. This debate was not about Ranykemet-Egyptian spoken language this was about could the Medew Netcher be deciphered, and that question did not get answered unless you want to take the non scholastic approach and accept white man science, white man methodology or “Anything they touch no longer is sacred” approach, but that wasn’t good enough he then went on to say “Anything crackers love can’t be right for Africans.”

Since the existence of the so-called “Cracker” they have spent their entire inception trying to emulate our culture now all of a sudden everything they love is no longer good for us? They love Africa so we shouldn’t love Africa? They love the way we walk, talk, dress, smile, wear our hair, big lips, big butts, and much more. Instead of focusing on who created Egyptology and claiming it to be a religion the focus should have been kept on the deciphering of the Medew Netcher and the science developed around it to try to crack the code. Now it is evident why things transpired the way they did over the past few days, and Elliot decided to give his presentation in the living room of his “General” on a paid live stream that became a free stream after few hundred followers tuned in. We got exactly what we expected of him a loud mouth trash talking disappearing act who stayed off topic, off script, and a scholastic disappointment in the end.

Many will never view Elliot aka Seti the same again, and for most of us who followed his career it’s been a hard pill to swallow. Watching a grown man crumble making mistake after mistake after mistake all for the sake of entertaining who he calls the youth. I thought his mission was to liberate the people, fight racism white supremacy, protect the Black Woman. However for $20-$30.00 you can catch him in a town near you rehashing a 2009 lecture built with a few new slides he generated just for this debate, and oh yes as long as the Amen Ra Squad isn’t in the building he’ll avoid being a No Show for that event.


photo by: Nyah Amara

Destruction Of The Black Family: An in depth perspective of where we went wrong.



Ini-Herit Khalfani


Nashville, Tn


The state of the Black Family is on fragile ground and every day the family is being attacked. Throughout history the Black Family has been the number 1 target of racism white supremacy. Slavery, The Civil War, Jim Crow Era, Feminist Movement, religion, governmental programs, television, incarceration, drugs, alcohol, lack of education, and job opportunities have all been means of destroying the black family.

By separating the woman from man, man from woman, father from child, and child from mother the African paradigm suddenly became exposed and psychologically damaged. Men that use to protect their women and children became defenseless, helpless, and defeated. Women who use to ride into war beside their warrior man became victims of rape, sex slaves, breed like animals, humiliated, and weaken. The children after being separated either had to fend for themselves, beg for help, or adapt to their surroundings. Religion became an important part of the destruction of the black family, and often encouraged it to seek comforter outside of each other and in some man-made spirit. A multitude of psychological issues weighed heavy on the black family.

As the American economy grew in the south, the north would start to notice its shortcomings, and in order to co-exist with the thriving south a confrontation between the two began to grow. They called it a civil war a fight over which economy would lead America into a new century of global domination. Blacks saw this as an opportunity to choose a side and fight for their freedom thinking the fight had everything to do with how they have been treated. Some fled north during the conflict thinking it was a chance to escape slavery which was also alive in the north just not on the scale of the south. Men who refused to fight in the civil war, women looked down on them and didn’t respect their decision to not fight. As the war progressed it was the North who would be able to usher in control over the south, and the end to slavery would be the best outcome to move the country forward. Blacks celebrated this moment in history thinking that it would lead to a better way of life, but little did they know a new name for slavery would be introduced to them in many different forms that would once again put a stranglehold on “The Black Family.”

With free blacks running around town begging for jobs from their old slave masters and seeking housing to take care of their family’s things became scarce. What we anticipated after the so-called Civil War was not what we expected, we were neither prepared or aware of the troubles we faced. The woman still served inside the homes of the slave master and he still felt entitled to her while the husband worked out in the plantation working long hard hours receiving very little pay. Once technology evolved the need for manual labor decreased and those jobs went to whites which would later lead to the black man falling right in the lap of this new-found slavery called incarceration.

“After the American Civil War, the number of U.S. penitentiaries in the South and West spiked—their inmate populations surpassing 30,000. By 1880 African Americans became the majority of inmates, replacing immigrants. Overcrowding, disease, and widespread abuse of convicts at the hands of both guards and fellow criminals plagued prisons and kept death tolls high. Because of limited space, even murderers condemned to life rarely served their full sentence. In the South, chain gangs became common—filling the labor shortage caused by the end of slavery; prisoners worked 15-hour days without pay. Northerners also explored new penal models including one system that required constant silence, while others tested experimental medical treatments on inmates. Petty thieves and repeat offenders alike shared cells, while murderers were usually confined to upper floors to prevent breakouts. By 1910, the U.S. prison system was stretched to its limits—its population had quadrupled in three decades.”

With the majority of the African men in prisons this left an already fragile African woman alone to fend for herself as well as her child. Instead of giving up on her man or running from the fight the African woman stood strong even though they knew after slavery in South ended what they walked into afterwards was nothing like they envisioned. “The transition from enslavement to freedom was a difficult and frightening one for most black women. Women who migrated to the industrial north were confronted with racism but they also benefited from supportive community networks and settlement houses such as the White Rose Mission that Victoria Earle Mathews, pioneering journalist and daughter of a self-emancipated woman, established in New York City for girls and women of color in need of housing and resources. Many women of color who entered the northern and urban work forces also were undermined by the increasingly popular practice of factory employers relying on workers who yielded to their authority over working conditions.” From being kidnapped then enslaved, to the aftermath of the civil war era, Jim Crow, the birth of the KKK, segregation, lack of education, lack of job opportunities, and fear prompt a new world of frustration for the African in America. It just didn’t stop there as the women kept fighting for equal rights the men sat back and watched from afar. In this battle for equal rights the birth of a new movement in America called the feminist movement. Most men as insecure as they could ever be saw this as an attempt of a woman’s uprising against his existence, others saw this as an opportunity to actually phased the man completely out of the homes and make life tougher for the African woman. With her not being able to afford housing and maintaining a job most women looked into Income based housing and low wage jobs which restricted a 2-parent household and kept the men at bay in most cases if he has a criminal record. Public housing is a tricky a sketchy topic it tends to favor the woman and deny the man.

” Households with children comprise 43 percent of public housing. A slight majority of these families (56 percent) are single-parent households. Households headed by handicapped persons are also an important component of public housing; 12 percent of public housing families have a nonelderly disabled head of household. To summarize: 52 percent of all public housing is occupied by elderly or handicapped households, 43 percent by households with children (including some with handicapped heads of household), and the balance by nonelderly households without children.

Public housing serves black households at a rate substantially greater than their share of the renter population. Forty-eight percent of public housing households are black compared to only 19 percent of all renter households. Taking income into account does not alter this conclusion, since only 30 percent of households with incomes low enough to qualify for public housing are black.”

At a time when single parent households soared the mother had to do what she had to do to provide some type of assistance to feed her children. The government designed programs that would usher in way to facilitate income when income was needed. Government aid in most cases began to be better than getting a job for most African woman. It gave them a chance to remain in the home and it also gave them a chance to be able to provide the necessities for their children. Poverty has always been a big deal for Africans in America and it’s no coincidence once the man was removed from the household life would become too overwhelming at times when you’re barely holding on and making ends meet. “Poverty rates for Black families vary based on the family type. While 23% of all Black families live below the poverty level only 8% of Black married couple families live in poverty which is considerably lower than the 37% of Black families headed by single women who live below the poverty line. The highest poverty rates (46%) are for Black families with children which are headed by single Black women. This is significant considering more than half (55%) of all Black families with children are headed by single women.”

African Americans Benefit Disproportionately from the Food Stamp Program

  • One in three food stamp households is headed by an African American.  More than a third of food stamp benefits — over $10 billion per year — are issued to African-Americans.  (According to Census data, African Americans make up about 12 percent of the U.S. population.)
  • Nearly 9 million African Americans receive food stamps each month.  This represents a quarter of the African American population.
  • A typical African American family on the Food Stamp Program has income (not including food stamps) at 56 percent of the poverty line (compared to 64 percent for all food stamp households).  For a family of three, 56 percent of the poverty line corresponds to a monthly income of $775, or an annual income of $9,300.
  • Food stamps constitute 26 percent of total monthly income for a typical African American family that participates in the Food Stamp Program.
  • On average, African American families on the Food Stamp Program received $216 in food stamps each month in fiscal year 2005, or over $2,500 per year.
  • African Americans who qualify for food stamps are more likely to participate than other groups (73 percent participation rate, compared to 60 percent overall).  Nonetheless, according to USDA, almost 3 million African Americans who are eligible for food stamps are missing out on benefits.

With the government providing basically every level of assistance it could to keep the black family apart it became unnecessary to have a man around. He would find himself in an awkward position on the outside looking in. Without having a job, a place to stay, or a glimmer of hope he would end up right back in the streets or in a jail cell. This type of systematic oppression can be documentary all over this country. “One in nine black children has had a parent behind bars. One in thirteen black adults can’t vote because of their criminal records. Discrimination on the job market deepens racial inequality. Not only does a criminal record make it harder to get hired, but studies find that a criminal record is more of a handicap for black men. Employers are willing to give people second chances, but less black.” With the deck stacked against the black family it’s a wonder that 32% of Blacks are still married in this day and age. In the early 1900’s the percentage of people married then exceeded those of whites, and since the 80’s we have had a complete role reversal. We can look at all the odds stacked against us socially that played a role in our destruction, but we need to honestly take a good look at ourselves and assume responsibility for our own actions toward one another. The onus is on ourselves at the end of the day, and we can do a better job handling difficult circumstances better. They will only do what we allow them to, and we have failed each other time and time again. We can do a better job supporting one another, we can do a better job uplifting one another, we can do a better job protecting one another, we can do a better job committing to one another, and we can do a much better job communicating with one another. Psychologically we have taken their best ass whooping they had to offer us, and until we realize the Power in the black family we will continue to fail ourselves and the generations behind us. It’s time we put our best foot forward and recommit ourselves to true change and it starts within and with the black family.



pseudoDecember 12, 2016

By: Nyame Ubuntu

Dallas Texas

Our African ancestors began our human journey by learning from nature and observing their natural surroundings. This is the foundation of human growth and development. Using the stars, sun and moon to tell the seasons, as KMT(Egypt) produced in 4500 bc called the Dendera calendar. They used tools to create agriculture, weapons and pottery. Their life depended on being aware of how nature worked. Accurate observations of natural phenomenon was a life and death situation. So important that our early ancestors created religious ceremonies around those seasons and natural phenomenon. Nations that used the most advanced technology either in war or economics usually outlasted non scientific nations. Look at the top 10 nations in science and technology in 2016. They are 1st world societies. Knowing this, why would the conscious community promote pseudoscience.

The Top ten Nations in science and technology

1  USA  Washington, D.C.
2  Japan  Tokyo
3  Germany  Berlin
4  South Korea  Seoul
5  Finland  Helsinki
6  Russia  Moscow
7  China  Beijing
8  UK  London
9  France  Paris
10  Canada  Ottawa

2016 has been the year of the return of mysticism. Joel Benjamin said he is the King of pseudoism. Red pill said his lecture was going to be super pseudo, and Pharaoh Allah has took the conscious community by storm with his unscientific theories of astral projection and Alien abductions. Let’s not forget Brother Polite and his stories of Alien abductions. I personally believe it was brother Polite who kindled the flame of mysticism in the conscious community.

I heard flat earth theories in 2016, reptilian people theory, the list grows every year, the question is why? Why does the unproven rhetoric increase within black communities? The problem is with the lack of a scientific education.

It is a basic human need to want to know who we are? Where did we come from? Why does the world work the way that it does? The problem is when people try to answer those questions without evidence. Again, those societies that use scientific research to answer those questions usually are the societies that build great civilizations. Psuedo-isms therefore must be the opposite of nation building, because those that utilize pseudoscience to make claims do not support their claim with any validated evidence. What is pseudoscience?

Pseudoscience is defined as; A system of theories or assertions about the natural world that claim or appear to be scientific but that, in fact, are not. For example, astronomy is a science, but astrology is generally viewed as a pseudoscience.

Now, understanding that pseudoscience only appears to be scientific, why would someone claim that definition. Now what is science;

a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws:

the mathematical sciences.


systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation.

Now, let’s look at the meaning of the scientific method;

The scientific method is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge.[2] To be termed scientific, a method of inquiry is commonly based on empirical or measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning.[3] The Oxford Dictionaries Online define the scientific method as “a method or procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses“.[4] Experiments need to be designed to test hypotheses. The most important part of the scientific method is the experiment.

The scientific method requires the hypothesis or claim follow a method of testing, while the pseudoscientist wants our people to believe their claims because they have some mystical power. A mystic is defined as;

a person who claims to attain, or believes in the possibility of attaining insight into mysteries transcending ordinary human knowledge, as by direct communication with the divine or immediate intuition in a state of spiritual ecstasy.

All information must go through a natural process, it enters our brain as bits of information in the form of chemical impulses. In order to convey the information, we either write it down or speak it to other members of society. That information is testable, measurable and it can be falsified. No bit of information is beyond experimentation, only in the world of the mystic.

Every society goes through stages of development, birth, growth, regression and death. From the death comes something new, rebirth. New information creates better techniques in warfare and food production. New technology produces better weapons and machines. Once the technology becomes outdated, it goes through a period of regression and becomes obsolete. The old information or technologies are reborn in the new process. However, for the mystical class, the old stagnated information cannot be changed, no matter how old and out dated the information is. It is this mystical approach to culture that has African people subjugated to a more technologically advanced People.

How could we build a nation without science? Who would build the homes, the streets, the cars, or the planes? Who would engineer the complex missile delivery systems, water treatment plants, electrical grid?

The most dangerous issue concerning the mystical teacher is that he is programming our young people to believe in fantasy, they have a hard time comprehending simple math equations because they cannot see past their basic understanding of reality.

The masses of African people are drowning in mysticism. We are swamped with new mystical information. We should no longer look to large amounts of people who are mystical but to qualitative changes in smaller groups of our people.

In modern times, technology plays the major role in revolution. A new innovation can revolutionize entire industries and cultures. The internet is one example.

Tdka Kilimanjaro describes this change as:

“Basic objective prerequisite of social revolution conflict between the new technological means and the old adaptive transformation of technology which breaks down the economic system, which then creates a collapse of social services and the social system, then a political crisis—nation wide crises (affecting both the exploited and exploiters)

The ongoing scientific and technical revolution is a major leap forward in mankind’s cognition of nature and use of its laws in production. It means a fundamental reconstruction of the whole system of technological means under the impact of the latest scientific achievements.”

What must be done pg 61.

What revolutionary changes has the mystic caused? What technologies have they created with their information? What can you build with that knowledge? These are fundamental questions we must ask the mystical guru’s in our communities. We need tangible answers to the myriad of problems that face Africans globally. If we don’t create the technology to solve our problems, technology will create problems where African people live, such as;

The automotive industry. Automated robots have replaced the assembly line worker. Soon, Walmart, McDonalds and your bank will become completely automated. This will have large ramifications on the work force and cause a wave of issues within major cities around the world. With the lack of jobs crime will increase, the health and welfare of the community will decline. It is imperative that we use a science based world view to solve our problems.


Tri-City Visionaries & Dagger Squad Meet with Community Leaders in KY  To Discuss Community  & Crisis Planning 

Press Release-“It takes A Village to Raise a Child- African Proverb”

December 4, 2016

By: Nyah Amara

St. Louis, Mo

On Saturday December 3, 2016 Monika Lamb of Tri-City Visionaries, LLC and Garfield Reid Founder of Dagger Squad LLC meet with the Louisville KY-Chief of Police  Steven Conrad & Other community leaders to discuss community & crisis planning. See Enclosed Video for details. The event was success according Inhert-herit-Shawn to in his Facebook post her writes

“Brother Garfield working the panel yesterday he had an excellent dialog as well as topic. I’m proud of the brother he could’ve waivered and let the chief off the hook but he stuck to the his points he got his information out and the way he did it was dope! Thanks my Brother continue the work we need you out here”.

This year we have seen the development  of fantastic organizations dedicated to community engagement and action in the concious community. Although each these organizations have  very different  missions,  all have made tremendous  strides towards transforming the community through grassroots planning. Its seems like everyone from, Tri-city Visionaries,  Dagger Squad , New Era-Atlanta and the African Action Coalition have taken the necessary steps to transform the community.

This is important accomplishment given the wealth, the Heath, sand educational gaps in the US. It seems that we are losing in every major category . Our children are suffering, our families broken, and our community are in shambles. With the new year, I challenge each of you to organize, support, and get involved in your individual communities. I challenge you to be proactive, take  initiative,  and engage in all 9 areas of human activity. We can’t sit idol and intellectualize as our children fall behind. There has always been strength in numbers and the only path to success is together. Let’s get organized!  Black African Power!!

Kedric Smith of African ActionCoalition

Its Takes a Village

Nyah Amara

Voices of Fire

Photo credit: #daggersaqaud, #African Action Commision, #Tri-City Visionaries. Please Check All these Groups on Facebook!