Solutionary Revolutionaries: An Intelligent Perspective To Uplift Our Own


By:Ini-Herit Khalfani
Nashville, Tn

For the past 500 years, Black people have found themselves in a similar situation wondering, worrying, sick and tired, scared thinking about what will tomorrow bring. Many women and men have died with one question on their mind that hasn’t been answered yet. What Must Be Done to free the minds, bodies, and spirits of our people? “Africans were kidnapped, mass transported, dehumanized, deculturized, de-educated, stripped of their applied scientific tradition, and denied skills necessary to create their own civilizations as they had in the past, made dependent, amnesia induced, and worked to death enslaved on lands they do own, building White and Arab civilization for predatory/racist populations not of their own race/culture. They live lives that are not their own, subordinated underneath increasingly Nazified populations who no longer need their labor or presence.”-What Must Be Done Ph.D Tdka Kilimanjaro Yahra Aaneb. Through all that we have endured with every single strike, every single blow, and every single negative example made out of us by our oppressor European and Arab we have persevered. With all our struggles, economically, socially, and spiritually time and time again we have looked ourselves in the mirror and wondered What Must Be done!

Chiekh Anta Diop in 1974 wrote a book called “Black Africa”, and his intent from the beginning of the book at that time was set out to organize the African mind on the continent and abroad. He realized that a dream of global unity was farfetched, so he devised a plan for that period of time to help create a better Black Africa. “If we are to protect Black Africa from such a fate the idea of federation must actually constitute-for all of us, especially those in high political positions a method of survival (by way of an efficacious political and economic organization to be set up in optimum time), not just a dilatory demagogic formulation receiving merely lip service. We must stop fooling the masses with minor patchwork and bring about the ultimate break with all the fake structures (Communaute’, Commonwealth, Eurafrica) which have no historical future. Black Africa must finally and definitively be started up the slope toward its federal destiny.” He believed then in 1974 that Black Africa could survive without the help of any other country and could economically back itself alone with the amount of wealth West Africa had if it was to build a federated continent. He knew then that the “consciousness” of the rest of the world was not ready to unify on a grand scale yet if progress could be made on the continent it could spark a domino affect all over the world. He believed that unity of the planet was possible only when people are equal in strength, and could advance to a place that no one would consider to stab one another in the back.

Today America is looked to by Africans abroad to see how will we endure and embrace change as it has once again made headlines all year-long regarding the disparity and racial unjust, economic disparity, and lack of an opportunity for Africans in American. “Therefore, African purpose in life must be higher than temporary survival in this decadent White society. African life is worth more. The goal, the outcome, the purpose must not continue to be a lifelong exercise in helping Whites to build their societies and civilization. It is time to place the same precise value in rebuilding African civilization in Africa that we place in building White civilization for whites.”-What Must Be Done Ph.D Tdka Kilimanjaro Yahra Aaneb. The past few years Africans in America have been re-emerging, re-awakening, re-acclaiming momentum from past movements. This time it is left up to those of us who are willing to move the needle further than our ancestors ever could have inspired to do so, and by doing that we must see to it that our survival is more important than our individual selves. Like our great Ancestor, Dr. Diop we must revisit his 1974 plan of action for a Black Africa and use that initiative to create a Black America as an example for the world to see. Maybe then we can use that momentum and rebuild Black Africa after we have proven ourselves worthy here even though we are dealing with a failed economy, an unjust justice system, poor school systems, lack of jobs, and a lack of unity amongst ourselves. Every so many years a question is posed to a particular generation of people: Who will lead? How will they lead? What is your plan of action, and Where are your leaders for your generation?

So far, my generation has generated a bunch of loud mouth, regurgitating, old argument having, egotistical, disrespectful, YouTube personalities who have failed to carry a sacred torched left to us by a people who have long waited for an opportunity to pass it. Even with all the misguided youth, egos, and noise from our peers, it’s a select few who continue to steer the course and bring forth solutions to the community which can guide us in a direction many before us have failed to reach. Dagger Squad Inc founded by Garfield Reid has brought forth a 9-point plan that we can implement in our communities and seriously consider. This could help us create a 5000-mile bridge back to Black Africa where we can migrate back to or help solve the issues of our brothers and sisters abroad. Dagger Squad Inc 9-point plan outlines a strong perspective geared toward 1) Urban Development, 2) Credit Repair, 3) Real Estate and other investments, 4) Legal Counseling, 5) Banking Research, 6) Conflict Resolution, 7) Buying and Abandon Town and Rebuilding it, 8) Educating with schools centered in teaching Science and Technology, and 9) Social and Political Awareness. For a people with no plan of action if one was to die they also offer Life Insurance, stock tips, help with student loans, government contracts, and tax services to name a few. Within the past 30 days they have opened an online solutions page for people looking to advertise their business, get real-time questions answered, and they will continue their weekly economic empowerment show advertised on one of the biggest platforms in the “Conscious Community.”

University of Kmt Press also has written solutions in several of their works regarding the African woman and man in America looking to return home, but most importantly prepare themselves for what some may seem to call the biggest war we will have to fight to regain our presence on this Earth. In What Must Be Done they outline 13 clear-cut solutions regarding the transition for those of us who are looking to escape America heading home to Africa.

  • The Africans in America who return home for work must systematically purge themselves of all attitudes and behaviors of individualism, sexism, prostitution, cowardice, escapism, selfishness, elitism, and profiteering.
  • Africans who are located in various micro-nations, must unify and racially and culturally transcend the micro-national boundaries that presently exist;
  • The two groupings of Pan-Africanists on either side of the Atlantic who are selfless, forward thinking, and hard working, must be united and disciplined under an uncompromising collectivists all-African international organization;
  • This All-African international organization must keep reliable probes on the pulses of the imminent collapsible U.S. economy and the campaign for violence directed at African Americans. Continual, comprehensive, and credible studies are needed to accurately determine the proper timing of the legitimate streams to Africa.
  • African organizations must devise and implement broad programs for educations Black folk people of the necessity and great opportunity of this move. They must also provide the framework and the organizational structure for cleaning and educating Africans in America so that Black folk will all be productive entities of national development in Africa to mutually benefit all participants.
  • Organizations must also develop comprehensive relocation programs that gives specificity to each of the three critical, broad-based areas concerning the transportation for Black folk reunification:
  • Next, organizations must prepare the timely movement of African Americans to designated exit points in America;
  • Next, organizations must, with proper timing, mass transport African Americans across the Atlantic in the most efficient and reliable manner to strategic entry points on the African continent;
  • There must be demographic classification and accounting of African American population’s age, sex, volume, quantity, quality, skill type, skill levels, rate of migration, volume of migration, types of transportation, i.e., land, air, water means;
  • Next, there must be the dispersal of newly returned Africans into various locations based on the critical variables of productivity and safety;
  • Scientific program of action for social, cultural, political, and economic merging of Continental Africans with Africans from the diaspora.
  • Identify and unite with Black folk reflection on the continent. Thus Black folk must unite with Black folk people on the continent who are organized to work with any Africans, regardless of their present national geography, provided that they embrace the collectivist and mutualist approach to Pan-Africanist national development.
  • Africans on both sides of the Atlantic are to intellectually and painstakingly hammer out the mission, structure, and procedures of political apparatus that is to be mobilized for purposes of building a unified Pan-Africanist nation that is free from balkanization, exploitation, degradation, and privation.

In order to successfully prepare ourselves for any type of transition rather it be buying an abandon town and building our own community their, escaping America and returning home for Africa, or continuing out our lives as we have been the past few hundred years. We must remember “There can be no compromise, and we will in the future allow no creation of White States in whatever form or for whatever pretext, regardless of the apparent prestige of hypocritical international organization proposing such states. We will drive no one out, for we are not racists. We will wipe out the minority but will insist upon democratically proportional participation in the way states are governed. We will not accept stratification of national life in these future states on an ethnic basis. No country, until now, has solved its minority problem in any other manner. Those who cannot service us as examples, are not qualified to offer us advice, much less give us orders.”-Chiekh Anta Diop Black Africa.

Without the African woman, our presence here or abroad is useless and we will have to make great efforts to restore her in her rightful place. Without her our gains, will be limited and our grip on society will be unjust. It will not be organic not without the woman she is solution to a lot of our problems. We solve her and she will help us solve it all. We have a tough road ahead of us but like many before us and many after us our time is now, and it is our responsibility to allow our thinkers to think and our doers to do while our elders assist and aid us as we prepare our youth collectively to continue the fight if we fall short of our goal. We have a course of action to solve our problems, and preparing for the unknown must not be feared. We can actually implement a 9 point plan, Back to Africa movement, and dream of a Black Africa by taken the proper steps necessary to see it through. It can no longer be just talk because talk is cheap and it’s time to put up or shut up!


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