Marshall’s Law: The Destruction Of Conscious Community


By: Ini-Herit Khalfani

Nashville, Tn


2 years ago a young 20 to 21-year-old man was introduced to a community of people who tuned into a YouTube station whose main focus was to uplift, inspire, combat, inform, and disseminate information to an audience searching for solutions and understanding of themselves and it’s oppression. What was a genuine acknowledgement and introduction suddenly turned into a fan fair with an agenda driven perspective. The majority of this introduction had been heard before from community elders Phil Valentine, Bobby Hemmit, and a few others. However, because of the young man’s personality, passion, energy, and memory he wow’d an audience who has never heard the song he’s sung before.

The problem with his introduction and dealing with this so-called high science turns out to be a repetitive theme in years to come. That theme would later be challenged after a series of attempts to validate his scientific claims and false conclusions. It was on the corners of Harlem one specific night among a panel of scientific minds who found the young man comical and entertaining at best which would expose the flaws in the young man’s methodology. This would also provoke change in a paradigm who as of late has been introduced to the importance of methodology, primary evidence, and sound scholarship.

The young man since then would combat any information coming from a particular group of individuals who all like him had their introduction to this same audience under different circumstances similar but not quiet. Over time Marshall’s Law would form and his methodology would be called to question as his scholarship would be exposed as unscientific, Unafrican, and undesired as it does more harm than hurt. He immediately would be protected by the same person who introduced him to the community due to views and youth who among woman became believers in a young man who pushed a series of teaching that served as a detriment to the African community.

What actually is Marshall’s Law one may ask: it is a series of pseudo claims passed off as scientific fact deceiving a community intentionally with the expectation to create a following behind expectations to defend deny and destroy the intelligence of African Philosophy, Scientific Perspective, and Historic Achievements. Let’s use a working definition of Law by Merriman-Webster to understand exactly what I am arguing “a (1) :  a binding custom or practice of a community :  a rule of conduct or action prescribed (see prescribe 1a) or formally recognized as binding or enforced by a controlling authority.”

Over the past few years we have witnessed a series of binding and controlling customs and practices by followers of a young man who has yet to provide, prove, or show any of his teachings as African let alone truth. In his last disagreement (meaning he’s had more than a few) after a botched living room presentation he made it clear that he was not only going to attack his introducer he in returned would disrespected the elders and vowed to destroy the community which he hustled fooled and condemned as ignorant. His poor methodology would continue to be on display as a series of YouTubers would exploit his living presentation, expose his master teacher, and put his bad character on display all the wild he remained confined to his home continuing to teach in the basement of his residence.

Recently after claiming to take a spiritual break from everything and rejuvenate himself he found himself back in the fold searching for another challenger. This time it would be a familiar opponent for many months who ignored the callings of this young man. Like all his other disagreements this to would go left and once again someone would be the blame for his antics as he would completely embarrassed himself. He refused to stand on his on doctrine or his teachings in fear that he would be exposed and his hustle would end.

After a series of videos to stay relevant he went back to attacking everyone who had something to say to him prior to his scholastic meltdown. This would pose another question as to why one would continue along this path intentionally trying to challenge, argue, fight, threaten, disrespect, and antagonize people’s wives and children. Marshall’s Law seems to be more about binding his followers and destroying a community with hopes that people continue to donate to his go fund me accounts that have absolutely no intention on being used for anything related to creating solution in the community. As he continues in his attempts to bring his law into effect or create go fund me accounts like collection plates it’s imperative that people wise up in the wake of this foolishness and realize the pattern of destruction he’s on. One must remember our ancestors for thousands of years created scientific journals, laws, and a culture centered around uplifting the community and we must  combat ignorance with intelligence and put an end to Marshall’s Law. 

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Author: Ini-Herit Khalfani

I love Family Football and African history

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