The Rebirth Of Harriet Tubman


By: Ini-Herit Khalfani

Nashville, Tn


Over the past few years, Africans in America have experienced a boat load of police brutality which lead to numerous deaths of unarmed men and women. Between 2015 and 2016 a total of 360+ unarmed Africans in America have died at the hands of law enforcement. 22 African women have been killed by law enforcement alone which has caused some major concerns among a people who once didn’t have issues protecting their women. The Black woman who 20+ thousand years ago was the 1st to be deified, the 1st to ride into combat at her man’s side, the 1st to lead the revolution, the 1st teacher of our children, and the 1st to document time due to her having to keep track of her menstrual cycle.

History has produced some of the most prolific women to have ever walked the earth. When the black man is at his lowest point it is the black woman who carries the load. When the march was lead it was the black woman leading, organizing, facilitating, combating, and laying it on the line for the struggle. One of the most revolutionary women of the 18th century has to be Harriet Tubman. A woman who stood on everything the ancestors instilled in her. Bad to the bone a no-nonsense type of woman who without the help of her man defied the odds by leading the charge attempting to free as many of our ancestors as she could.

Born in Maryland Harriet Tubman “Minty” was one of nine children which eventually would witness her siblings being split up and sold into slavery. She through time had to deal with a lot of heartache and turmoil which would later fuel the fire that transitioned “Minty” into one of Africa’s most liberating women in history. Harriet’s spirit is soaked in the soil of nature’s greatest gifts. The whisper of the Ancestor is constantly waiting to be heard. That energy left behind by her since she transitioned still travels amongst us, and since our Ancestors taught us to call on them in the time of need it’s absolutely clear that she is still working on our behalf. Look at Empress Sekhmet who through community activism has channeled her inner Harriet, and took on the fight to free the African mind and escape this oppression against our people. A revolutionary in her own right dawned the task of fighting the Federal government by clashing with far right racist and white supremacist who lead the rallying cry of millions of Africans at a time whose voices could only be heard in local beauty shops, living rooms, and on social media sites. Her introduction globally was sparked by an outrage of YouTube videos created by a series of violence lashed out at the black community. At a time police attacked and killed Sandra Bland after a recent traffic stop only to open her dead eyes and take pictures of her faking like she was alive was more fuel to a fire that exploded inside of our sister.

A true advocate for liberation who spoke on numerous topics plaguing the community, and solutions to empower ourselves which was not heard by those who chose to make her public enemy number 1. Like Harriet, she assumed the role of a freedom fighter for the liberation of her people, like Harriet she continued her fight on her own merit because it is what Revolutionary woman do. Born in Hempstead, NY Empress Sekhmet “The General” moved to Atlanta, Ga to fulfill a promising career in Accounting. Accounting is what her father had in store for his daughter but she saw fit to do more than just be that. She saw her people struggling decided to become an activist and fight against the injustice that hinders the community.

Check her resume she has a bill that passed through congress, and you can’t name many other revolutionaries who can say that. She’s had numerous viral images and videos circulate around the net, major media outlets have covered her story from the perspective of a 4 minute video the Federal Government chopped up and used against her from a series of other videos to indict her on major charges, also she’s had to deal with numerous threats against her and her family by¬† racist alt right Klan men. Our modern-day Harriet Tubman has not only garnered up all this attention she continues to do community work by educating and teaching the community everything she can through the programs her organization offers. She is on the front line while the men take a back seat to argue and bang on their keyboards or use YouTube to continue to keep us distracted from the ultimate goal of providing food, clothing, and shelter.

Empress Sekhmet embodies the ideals of our ancestors, carries the exact courage and heart of a Harriet Tubman who was also known as The General. It is only right that we acknowledge this sister’s work, and pay more attention because like Harriet her deeds outweigh the masses mouths. A 21st-century revolutionary standing on her square fighting to free the African woman and man continues to like Harriet organize and exhaust every ounce of her spirit to liberate us all. She took a stand black man now it’s our time to not only honor her but defend the work she has done for the greater good of our people.

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