The Revolutionary Mind, Body, and Soul!

The human mind has various ways to cope with traumatic experiences. Dissociation is one of those mechanisms. During this process, the victim of trauma develops what are call personas or alter egos that assist them in basic task. It’s a natural process, but extremely destructive. Most of these personalities are driven by the ego and can be very misogynistic, rude, cruel, and violent. Mindfulness is an evidence-based practice that starts the healing process, however many of these people require some type of intervention from a friend, a family member, or the community. In a healthy community the goal is for each member to be healthy in mind, body, and soul, so when you remove this expectation you involuntarily foster mental and physical illness. Don’t be complicit in this trend in the conscious community that rewards unhealthy narcissistic, egotistical behavior driven by self-hatred and internalized racism. Focus on healing, nurturing, and love. An unhealthy personality will display extreme negativity, irritability, back-biting, lying, mental, and poor physical health. As long as we allow these type of personalities into our ranks, the more narcissistic and egotistical our community will become. The only solution is African Centered Psychology focused on the full restoration the African mind evident by a balanced approach to relationships, conflicts, and African liberation. Fake consciousness is a symptom of a fractured consciousness and should not be tolerated. The legacy of the African is one of integrity, resilience, and community. Be excellent, show deference to your brothers and sister, and have compassion, love, and respect for the struggle. #AfricanPsychology

Nyah Amara

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