Voices of Fire Presents an Interview with Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz- Where Do We Go From Here?

The first step in changing our circumstances is to identify the problem. In any process we have to first understand the issues, how to resolve our issues, and implement a plan of action.  Please join me on February 17, 2017, as I interview  Attorney Malik Shabazz on my Youtube Channel Voices of Fire Channel at 7 PM EST regarding his updated debate with Cornel West on various Topics including where do we go from here, Black Nationalism, and Law and Action.  Malik Zulu Shabazz is the National President of the Black Lawyers for Justice and Founding Member of the New Black Party. Mr. Malik Zulu Shabazz graduated from Howard University and Howard University School of Law and is one the most respected members of our community.  He is currently the national president of the Black Lawyers for  Justice who’s vision is to ” To build a network of conscious, committed and capable Black lawyers that possess both character and vigor to lead in the ever-present struggle for justice.” The  Black Lawyers Mandate is to “To establish and fight for Truth, Justice, Balance, Order and Reciprocity in the American legal system, society and the world at large” . The organization was  “Founded in 1966 by Malik Z. Shabazz, Esq., Founder and National President, Black Lawyers for Justice (BLFJ) has the culmination of vision, background, activism and expertise and is the go-to legal organization for superior litigation services from the best-experienced attorneys throughout the country. Black Lawyers for Justice exemplifies zealous advocacy, attorney activism, and dedicated work ethics and principles”. Black Lawyers for Justice is a nationwide network of the best legal minds in the country, fighting vigorously in and out of the courtrooms of America for their clients. We have over 50-years combined experience in all aspects of the law; particularly complex civil litigation. You can trust attorneys in our network to deliver superior legal services and diligently pursue justice on behalf of our clients. http://www.blfjustice.org/

As of you know, Malik will be Debating Dr. Cornell West a Professor of Philosophy and Christian Practice at Union Theological Seminary and Professor Emeritus at Princeton University. His resume includes tenures at Yale, Harvard, and the University of Paris. Cornel West graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard in three years and obtained his M.A. and Ph.D. in Philosophy at Princeton. He has written over 20 books and has edited 1.

The debate will be held in Washington D. C on February 21, 2017 at the National Press Club. The Topic of Discussion is “Which Way Under President Trump-Resist, Revolt, Demonstrate, Separate or Should We Compromise and Start Begging”.  The Event will be live streamed Live streamed and tickets will be Eventbrite Under “Debate of The Decade”

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Nyah Amara

VOF Editor-Founder


Tri-City Visionaries & Dagger Squad Meet with Community Leaders in KY  To Discuss Community  & Crisis Planning 

Press Release-“It takes A Village to Raise a Child- African Proverb”

December 4, 2016

By: Nyah Amara

St. Louis, Mo

On Saturday December 3, 2016 Monika Lamb of Tri-City Visionaries, LLC and Garfield Reid Founder of Dagger Squad LLC meet with the Louisville KY-Chief of Police  Steven Conrad & Other community leaders to discuss community & crisis planning. See Enclosed Video for details. The event was success according Inhert-herit-Shawn to in his Facebook post her writes

“Brother Garfield working the panel yesterday he had an excellent dialog as well as topic. I’m proud of the brother he could’ve waivered and let the chief off the hook but he stuck to the his points he got his information out and the way he did it was dope! Thanks my Brother continue the work we need you out here”.

This year we have seen the development  of fantastic organizations dedicated to community engagement and action in the concious community. Although each these organizations have  very different  missions,  all have made tremendous  strides towards transforming the community through grassroots planning. Its seems like everyone from, Tri-city Visionaries,  Dagger Squad , New Era-Atlanta and the African Action Coalition have taken the necessary steps to transform the community.

This is important accomplishment given the wealth, the Heath, sand educational gaps in the US. It seems that we are losing in every major category . Our children are suffering, our families broken, and our community are in shambles. With the new year, I challenge each of you to organize, support, and get involved in your individual communities. I challenge you to be proactive, take  initiative,  and engage in all 9 areas of human activity. We can’t sit idol and intellectualize as our children fall behind. There has always been strength in numbers and the only path to success is together. Let’s get organized!  Black African Power!!

Kedric Smith of African ActionCoalition

Its Takes a Village

Nyah Amara

Voices of Fire

Photo credit: #daggersaqaud, #African Action Commision, #Tri-City Visionaries. Please Check All these Groups on Facebook!

Medieval Upheaval-A Catalogue of Bloody European Evils

November 30, 2016


By: Sheshet Kemet

After reading Dr. Marimba Ani’s excellent book, Yurugu: An African-Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behavior, I felt compelled to write Medieval Upheaval, A Catalogue of Bloody European Evils for 4 specific reasons:

1) I wanted to outline specific cultural actions of Europeans that challenged their eternal lie of being morally pure and intellectually superior.

2) I wanted to challenge the cultural stereotypes leveled at African descended people thereby helping to boost self-esteem in African people.

3) I wanted to underscore the Europeans’ skill at myth-making and story telling specifically highlighting their “gift” of manipulating audiences, (because African Americans and American whites, too, are prone to believe what they hear without doing follow-up work).

4) For the purpose of remaining vigilant in the face of numbers 1, and 3.

Europeans trace their version of democracy back to circa 6th c. BCE Athens. But, the western version of democracy has been unsteady and erratic, punctuated by long, and disturbing outbreaks of dehumanization and barbarism. Athens persecuted free thinkers like Socrates. In America, leaders have clung to their “shining nation on the hill” fantasy despite using torture, despite having the world’s largest prison population, despite gunning African Americans down in the streets, and despite using American drones to murder suspects on foreign soils without due process. Pretending to be something it is not – including flat-out lying – is a large part of the European ethos. The culture girds itself with well-managed mythologies. In fact, I believe that the myths that mold reality for Europeans and their white American children are the single most significant (and destructive) characteristic of European nations. That’s because myths have been used as tools of manipulation to bind the collective white psyche to common causes.But, there are signs that Europe’s many myths are fraying around the edges as long held fantasies give way to some stark realities:the world’s white population is not only the minority population, but it is in obvious decline (so much for white supremacy); people of color have made, and are making significant contributions to the world (so much for white supremacy); and white is not the brightest color in the crayon box (so much for white supremacy).

Africans – both past and present – have had no real potent defense against Europeans, operators of the largest shell game in history. In fact, African nations – who watched their sovereignty destroyed under European rule, still provide far too much access to Europeans at the expense of their own citizens’ well-being. Likewise many nations have fallen prey to European hucksterism, opening their doors just wide enough for whites to enter and plunder valuable resources. Cultures – that are made up of individuals – have the capacity to learn and grow; Africans have maintained successful ones for a longer period of time than have Europeans. But, that is to be expected; Africans have had 10’s of thousands of years to learn how to survive, and to work out any bloodlust and hoarding tendencies, if such traits ever existed in our African natures. It’s not surprising that 90% of African Americans favored progress over authoritarianism in this last election. In American politics, we have always voted for constructive programs. (“It takes a village to raise a child.” – African proverb).
Europeans are much younger, less sophisticated cultures based on regressive notions such as individuality and ravenous greed, at whatever the cost. They do not feel there are any chinks in their cultural armor to be worked out. Election results show that two-thirds of white voters desire to hang onto their fake (IRL)reality show called America (aka The Experiment), while slightly more than a third of white Americans seek progress. Also, white women voted to secure the futures of their white men and sons at the expense of their own fates and those of their daughters’.As many commentators pre and post-election warned us voting for the oft-romanticized in European history “strong man” can only lead to things burning down. Self-destruction is another hallmark of European cultures. We have only to look at their history of torture, blood lust, and self-inflicted calamities to draw this conclusion. (“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. -Thomas Jefferson”). Where do we go from here? Well, past is prologue. People who don’t know history are doomed to be scammed by those who do know it. Study and learn history; watch for repetition. European symbols work alongside their myths; as the days and weeks progress watch for ones that come from the Trump team. Also, for 100’s of years now, African-Americans have allowed the world’s least mature members – socially, culturally, intellectually and emotionally – to define our world for us. This has allowed Europeans to run the tables as they’ve slaughtered people and other animals into extinction, and turned our Earth’s environment into a literal cesspool.

We can be proactive in calling out the dysfunctional white culture for the sociopathic, narcissistic, and psychopathic construct that it is, every chance we get. The sooner we stop normalizing abnormal behaviors, the better. Once we can clearly define what the European and white culture is all about, we’ll surely  know who we are not. We can proceed from there. We have a lot of work ahead to repair centuries-long damage done to our psyches and to our beloved Mother Earth.


Sheshet Kemet

More Details On Sheshet Book

The Black Power Awards Celebrates Black Excellence In The Community.

By Nyah Amara

November 11, 2016 10AM

The Black Power Awards Celebrates Excellence In The Community.

One of the most important keys to restoring Black Excellence restoring a sense of community whereby we support, inspire, and celebrate the achievements of others. In many ways, the internet has prevented us from connecting  and establishing authenticate relationships based on mutual respect, honor, and accountability. Instead, it has encouraged hate, ridicule, and has become a safe haven for individuals looking  to minimize the achievements of others. In the past, we believed in community,  therefore we fostered relationships, we encouraged face to face contact, and we believed in good character and accountability. Today, it’s seems the internet has become a breeding ground for people suffering from internalized racism, mental illness, PTSS, and all sorts of character issues  looking to project their internalized hate to the world. If we haven’t learned anything from this cyber community, by default  we’ve learned to  appreciate the value of face to face contact, love, commandery, respect, and community engagement. All of  which, has always served as the backbone of our culture. This week,  let us step away from the chaos of the internet and break free from the hatred to reflect on what needs to be done. Let us reflect on the past and  identify ways to restore our heritage. This week,  let us take the time to reflect on the importance of relationships and communities. This week, let us celebrate the men and woman who have worked tirelessly to improve our community by educating us on our health, on condition as Africa people, and  educated us on ways to overcome racism and white supremacy. This week, let us celebrate those who advocate for social justice, education, and cultural rejuvenation.  This week, let us reflect on the community, the family, the men, the women, and the children who depend on us for answers. This week, let us reflect on solutions. This week, let us ponder on the wise saying  that half of being successfully is just showing up. Understanding that being in the moment has the power to change relationships, open doors, and restore broken hearts. This week,  let’s us take the time to be present in Atlanta and support the Black Power Awards. Remembering  the African Proverb “if you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” . This week, let us network, celebrate each other, and acknowledge our accomplishments. This week, let’s us Support DJ and the Black Power Awards family as they acknowledge excellencey in the Black Community.


Voices of Fire

Mission: Voices of Fire blog purpose is to educate, inform, and the persuade the reader towards adopting a more sound approach to history with the overall goal of redefining what it means to be conscious. 

University Professor Denies Debate with Young Pharaoh  Pt 3. No More Lies! 

University Professor Denies Debate with Young Pharaoh Pt 3. No More Lies

During a recent interview on youtube, our editor  was accused of Sabotaging an upcoming debate between Young Pharaoh professor Elliot Altman. She joined the panel with Ankh West of the Amen Ra Squad, Young Marcus, and Young Pharoah where she discussed the real nature of this so-called “debate.” Not only was she accused of sabotaging the debate by Young Pharoah during this interview, but she was also verbally attacked by his followers in the chat and comments section. If you have been following our articles on this matter, you will see that these attacks were without merit given that in previous blogs we provided sufficient proof that there was never a debate. 

 Upon viewing the email below, you will find additional proof that confirms there was never a debate and Morris Eguakun who is a student at  Tennessee State University emailed Professor Altman and portrayed the event as a panel discussion among five other Professors.  Yet in two separate videos uploaded to YP personal Facebook page, he lied to his followers stating VOF sabotaged his event by revealing his stage name, which again was a fabrication given the following email  shows the professor specifically asked Morris Eguakun to send him the names of the professors, not once mentioning Young Pharaoh by his government or stage name. Needless to say,  Dr. Altman  never  received the names, despite sending the request two weeks prior to the Voices of Fire inquiry. 

Now that we provided primary sources that to support our position that Dr. Altman never agreed to a debate with YP,  let’s take a closer look into Young Pharaoh’s claim that we sabotaged his event by examining  the flyer published on his YouTube account.  If this image is correct, we then need to ask the critical question, how did VOF sabotage his debate when he advertised the event using his stage name along with the Professor’s name, and academic institution? These are all questions that need to be asked before attacking the validity of this story  because once we critically  examine these claims, it becomes clear that Pharaoh lied about the professor knowing his government name and only used the inquiry by VOF as a way to manipulate the truth and avoid taking personal accountability!

This brings into focus his true motives and character  because once  he was informed that the Professor denied  knowing anything about the debate, he revealed to Garfield Reid of Dagger Squad live in SA Neter TV that the Professor likely backed out of the debate and that “it didn’t matter because he had already  been paid”. It wasn’t until later that day,  that he changed his position from the professor backing out to a planned attack against his upcoming opponents the Amen Ra Squad. Which is also is a fabrication!  After these claims did not work, he then published a second  video where he referred  to the writer of the  VOF as a “Bitch” and a dickhead (click bitch for proof).   And like most sociopaths,  in his rage, he continued to make false accusations after false accusations refusing to admit that just maybe, he was deceived by a so-called friend,  looking to scam his followers out of  donations for a debate that was really just a panel discussion. He instead switched the narrative to one of sabotage without fully grasping the consequences of his actions.

Then to make matters even worse, he tripled down on his lie by claiming that he was in the middle of contract negotiations with the professor despite evidence that there were never any contracts, correspondence, or any other agreements between Dr. Altman and  Young Phoraoh.

After reviewing all the facts of this story, it’s clear that this entire incident could have been quickly resolved if YP would have admitted that his friend may have lied about the debate that was never really a debate in the first place.  Instead,  he attacked VOF,  he attacked Amen Ra Squad, and the entire community by using his power to manipulate his followers into believing that he wronged to justify his retaliation against the editor of VOF  creating a hostile environment. In my opinion, the worse kind of man is one that refuses to be corrected when the facts are clear. We will continue to cover this story as long as he continues to bash, lie, and deceive the community!

Written by:

Addae Akousa

Editor: Nyah Amara

Voices of Fire

University Professor Denies Debate with Young Pharaoh! 

After watching Young Pharaoh Video entitled “Debate December 3rd With Caucasian Biology Director” I sent a media request to Dr. Elliot Altman  requesting confirmation of the date, time, and the location of the event. I introduced myself and provided Dr. Altman with a brief discription of the purpose of my request. I informed Dr. Altman that I was the Editor of Voices of Fire Blog and asked the professor to provide a brief explanation into his decision to debate Young Pharaoh.

Good Morning Dr. Altman,

My name is Nyah Amara and I work with a group of men and women dedicated teaching science and technology in the African American community. My primary focus is blogging on primary issues that impact our social, emotional, and psychological well being. We are an online community specifically on Facebook, YouTube, and twitter with goal of expanding to the greater African community. It has come to our attention that you accepted an debate with a social media personality by the name of Young Pharaoh scheduled on December 3, 2016 at Middle Tennessee University. So in preparation, I wanted to do my due diligence by requesting confirmation that you actually a) accepted debate, and b) to obtain more specific details on the Who, what, when, and why allowing me to present the most accurate information to my supporters. 

My deadline for publishing the November 10,2016. Therefore the purpose of this request is to obtain a general overview of the topic of discussion including the research question, and clarification on what specific facts went into your decision to debate a social media YouTube personality? Thank you for time and energy. I look forward to your response. 

Best Wishes,

Nyah Amara 

Voices of Fire Blog

After about three hours the university professor responded “This is new to me. I have not been contacted by anyone other than yourself regarding this”.Elliot Altman-. Although many of the details of this story are still emerging and many unanswered questions still remain, I decided to write a blog because I felt it is imperative that the community explore the ramifications of trusting an individual who routinely fails to fact check his information before presenting that information to the community as fact? 

Based on my email communications with Dr. Altman, it’s clear that he did not agree to a debate on Evolution like Young Pharoah claimed, however what’s unclear is why would YP advertise an event, publish a video, and then ask his supporters for donations for an event he did not confirm? What is known, is he compared this accomplishment to the work of the great ancestors and then thanked his friend “Guakhenaten” for “setting up the debate”even after admitting he had not talked to Dr. Altman directly. This and many other events brings into question YP methodology and the validity of his claims and more importantly his ability to engage information on a level worthy of being compared to the late great ancestors Malcom  X and Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad! 

Voices of Fire Blog!!
Nyah Amara