Oyotunji Village: A Trip To Africa In The United States

April 25, 2017

Nashville, Tn

By: Ini-Herit Khalfani

The oldest living African tradition on stolen soul exist in the small county of Sheldon. It is home to the Yoruba and known as the Oyotunji Village. It’s minutes off the highway, a half mile off a dirt road, and sits on about 15 acres of land. To the east of the Royal family lives and the west of the village several Priestesses and Priest live. In the center is where all the activity takes place and to the north of the land sits a rice plantation. The village still harvest its own food growing the essentials necessary to sustain life through farming. The spirit of the ancestors still dwell along an area not to far from the coasts of the Atlantic ocean where it is known in history as some of the earlier ports where our Ancestors entered onto this stolen land. Out in front of the Village before the gates sits a sign and that sign reads ” You are leaving the U.S. You are now entering the Yoruba Kingdom. In the name of his Efuntola, Peace welcome to the sacred Yoruba village built by priest of the Vodun cults as a tribute to our ancestors. These priest preserve the customs, laws, and religion of the African Race. Welcome to our land.” You immediately feel the spirit of this village upon entrance.

As the story of this village is told in a tour it’s eldest King was the 1st priest on United States soil to be named priest. He has as many as 14+wives and 22+kids and the population was as many as 250 people. The newest King of the village is a youthful 26 years of age and has 4 wives and 5 kids. I’m not advocating for polygamy or suggesting one should adopt every aspect of the village what I am advocating for is a sense of self perspective, and the ability to restore the African community paradigm by re-establishing those important cultural practices of our ancestors. In this we will find a sense of pride and accountability by giving ourselves a chance to heal within and out, but most importantly to reclaim a sense of perspective that we lost after being kidnapped and held against our will.

The entire land has been built by hand from every sense of the word. It’s painted every 2 years and continues to have multiple festivals a year pertaining to its original historic African practices. All over the Village we see the elegance of Africa embedded in the culture of the Yoruba. The women of the village hold an esteem position as Priestess which out number the amount of men priest. The village is also known for its mentor-ship with young African ladies as it is important to uplift the African woman as she is intended to be. You do not notice disrespect, misrepresentation, or commercializing a culture in this village. It’s ability to exist on foreign soil as a sovereign Nigerian nation should speak for itself. Yes the Greco-Roman European police feds or whoever are not welcome on the land and will be met with confrontation if they do not have permission from the King to enter. They have their own flags that hang high in the festival hall on the land and with honor will fight to protect its sovereignty.

One of the most mind-boggling things about this village is not too many people even know it exist. Yes it is a lot of Blacks that live in the state of South Carolina that have absolutely no idea that this village rest near the shores of the Atlantic coast. They maintain their culture by speaking the native language of the Yoruba, its names, dress, religious or spiritual practices, and maintaining it all by continuing the most important aspect uplifting the Black Woman. When people say let the Ancestors speak here is a place the Ancestors speak and they speak to the Village daily.

As Africans in America we can learn a lot from the people of Oyotunji, because they are centered in Africaness which the rest of us struggle to obtain daily. This key principle is why people like our Ancestors Doctors: Francis Cress-Wesling, Amos Wilson, John Henrik Clarke, Yosef Ben Jochannon, Chancellor Williams, J.A. Rogers, John G. Jackson, and many more fought and continue to fight to liberate the African mind and encourage one to know their story and remain centered in its perspectives. What we must do is take the knowledge and wisdom of our dear Sisters and Brothers of the village and implement them within our communities and combat the struggles we still face within. Remember it takes a village and that African concept has always been our greatest strength, and that is something that we must get back to in order to combat everything we face as a people today to change our tomorrow.


Voices of Fire Presents an Interview with Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz- Where Do We Go From Here?

The first step in changing our circumstances is to identify the problem. In any process we have to first understand the issues, how to resolve our issues, and implement a plan of action.  Please join me on February 17, 2017, as I interview  Attorney Malik Shabazz on my Youtube Channel Voices of Fire Channel at 7 PM EST regarding his updated debate with Cornel West on various Topics including where do we go from here, Black Nationalism, and Law and Action.  Malik Zulu Shabazz is the National President of the Black Lawyers for Justice and Founding Member of the New Black Party. Mr. Malik Zulu Shabazz graduated from Howard University and Howard University School of Law and is one the most respected members of our community.  He is currently the national president of the Black Lawyers for  Justice who’s vision is to ” To build a network of conscious, committed and capable Black lawyers that possess both character and vigor to lead in the ever-present struggle for justice.” The  Black Lawyers Mandate is to “To establish and fight for Truth, Justice, Balance, Order and Reciprocity in the American legal system, society and the world at large” . The organization was  “Founded in 1966 by Malik Z. Shabazz, Esq., Founder and National President, Black Lawyers for Justice (BLFJ) has the culmination of vision, background, activism and expertise and is the go-to legal organization for superior litigation services from the best-experienced attorneys throughout the country. Black Lawyers for Justice exemplifies zealous advocacy, attorney activism, and dedicated work ethics and principles”. Black Lawyers for Justice is a nationwide network of the best legal minds in the country, fighting vigorously in and out of the courtrooms of America for their clients. We have over 50-years combined experience in all aspects of the law; particularly complex civil litigation. You can trust attorneys in our network to deliver superior legal services and diligently pursue justice on behalf of our clients. http://www.blfjustice.org/

As of you know, Malik will be Debating Dr. Cornell West a Professor of Philosophy and Christian Practice at Union Theological Seminary and Professor Emeritus at Princeton University. His resume includes tenures at Yale, Harvard, and the University of Paris. Cornel West graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard in three years and obtained his M.A. and Ph.D. in Philosophy at Princeton. He has written over 20 books and has edited 1.

The debate will be held in Washington D. C on February 21, 2017 at the National Press Club. The Topic of Discussion is “Which Way Under President Trump-Resist, Revolt, Demonstrate, Separate or Should We Compromise and Start Begging”.  The Event will be live streamed Live streamed and tickets will be Eventbrite Under “Debate of The Decade”

Please Join Me on my Youtube Channel Voices of Fire. Please like, share, and Subscribe!

Nyah Amara

VOF Editor-Founder

Tri-City Visionaries & Dagger Squad Meet with Community Leaders in KY  To Discuss Community  & Crisis Planning 

Press Release-“It takes A Village to Raise a Child- African Proverb”

December 4, 2016

By: Nyah Amara

St. Louis, Mo

On Saturday December 3, 2016 Monika Lamb of Tri-City Visionaries, LLC and Garfield Reid Founder of Dagger Squad LLC meet with the Louisville KY-Chief of Police  Steven Conrad & Other community leaders to discuss community & crisis planning. See Enclosed Video for details. The event was success according Inhert-herit-Shawn to in his Facebook post her writes

“Brother Garfield working the panel yesterday he had an excellent dialog as well as topic. I’m proud of the brother he could’ve waivered and let the chief off the hook but he stuck to the his points he got his information out and the way he did it was dope! Thanks my Brother continue the work we need you out here”.

This year we have seen the development  of fantastic organizations dedicated to community engagement and action in the concious community. Although each these organizations have  very different  missions,  all have made tremendous  strides towards transforming the community through grassroots planning. Its seems like everyone from, Tri-city Visionaries,  Dagger Squad , New Era-Atlanta and the African Action Coalition have taken the necessary steps to transform the community.

This is important accomplishment given the wealth, the Heath, sand educational gaps in the US. It seems that we are losing in every major category . Our children are suffering, our families broken, and our community are in shambles. With the new year, I challenge each of you to organize, support, and get involved in your individual communities. I challenge you to be proactive, take  initiative,  and engage in all 9 areas of human activity. We can’t sit idol and intellectualize as our children fall behind. There has always been strength in numbers and the only path to success is together. Let’s get organized!  Black African Power!!

Kedric Smith of African ActionCoalition

Its Takes a Village

Nyah Amara

Voices of Fire

Photo credit: #daggersaqaud, #African Action Commision, #Tri-City Visionaries. Please Check All these Groups on Facebook!

The Time Is Ripe For Internal Revolution

In his most recent article, “Wall Street and the Pentagon: Pre-Mature Political and Military Ejaculations,” geopolitical analyst James Petras discusses the recent failure of American and European capitalists (AECs) in imposing their will on Argentina, Brazil and the Philippines to shore up their declining influence on “Latin America” and Asia. Over the past 30 years or so, AECs have largely changed their mode of production from manufacturing to F.I.R.E (Finance, Insurance & Real Estate) while still relying on the petrodollar. In 1960, 24% of all American workers worked in manufacturing.  Today, that number has declined dramatically to 8%. Today, the U.S. economy is marked by high unemployment, unsustainable national and personal debt, dysfunctional institutions including government bodies at all levels, the criminal justice system at all levels, public education, health care and brutal economic inequalities. This along with the concomitant economic rise of greater Asia, especially China, has seriously undermined the effective global power of the AECs, perhaps permanently.

Another very important factor in the AECs loss of global power is the recent emergence of alternative global mass media outlets. The appearance of mass media outlets such as al Jazeera (1996), founded and financed by Qatar, Telesur (2005), a multi-state funded, pan-American media platform largely sponsored by Venezuela, RT (2005), a Russian TV news platform, CNC World (2010), a Chinese satellite and cable network, means that AECs are no longer in exclusive control of the planet’s cultural narrative.

Even that staunch imperialist Zbigniew Brzezinski has been warning the AECs that the global masses are more politically awakened that at any time in human history; that these same masses can no longer be bullied and brainwashed as easily as before, consequently, the game is changing to the detriment of the capitalists. Brzezinski once argued along with other brash imperialists, that AECs must control central Asia in order to maintain their economic hegemony. This led to the invasion and ongoing conventional and hybrid wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Ukraine and Afghanistan, key nations in Asia’s “soft underbelly.” Yet, despite 25 years of war, AECs have been unable to impose their will in the ‘middle east.’ They have merely continued to drain their treasuries, especially America, France and England, and amplify global disdain for capitalism.

In other words, American and European capitalists no longer dominate this world. Their failing economies and their becoming merely another “voice in the crowd” in terms of global mass media (propaganda) means that “poor” nations in the southern hemisphere now have an opportunity change their miserable circumstances.

Globally, Afrikans should consider the following action steps (in no particular order):

1. Purge key institutions of corrupt individuals and practices

2. Repudiate all debt created by former colonizers, corrupt politicians and financial institutions

3. Create a PUBLICLY OWNED central bank with branches throughout the continent that will finance science, technology and infrastructure projects

4. Immediately join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the New Development Bank

5. Strengthen economic relations with other nations especially greater Asia, Russia, Brazil, the Caribbean, etc.

6. Develop an Afrikan currency backed by precious metals and other natural resources

7. Develop an Afrikan Centered continental public education system with particular emphasis on science and technology

8. Put an end to asymmetric economic relations with other nations, especially AECs

9. Create and nurture economic and cultural ties with Afrikans throughout the Scattering

The time is ripe for the long over due INTERNAL REVOLUTION that Gil Scott-Heron talked about almost 50 years ago in, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.” AECs are under tremendous pressure due to the powerful economic and political shifts taking place globally. They are reeling from economic recessions, military failures and internal decadence. The question is, “Can we make the internal changes necessary to escape the capitalist trap of corruption, slavery, racism and war?”

One thing’s for sure, the required internal transformation entails rejecting capitalism, capitalist values and other anti-Afrikan ideologies and accepting Afrikan Centered HUMAN VALUES. It means totally reconstructing the Afrikan personality to fit current circumstances. Anything less means failing our posterity.

Let’s stay focused!



American Primacy And It’s Geostrategic Imperatives: Key Quotes From Zbigniew Brzezinksi’s Seminal 1998 Book – http://www.wanttoknow.info/brzezinskigrandchessboard

What is a Revolution

REVOLUTION: an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed.
“Revolutionaries do not cause revolution any more than a midwife causes a woman to become pregnant with child in her womb. Internally the conception, embryonic development, and labor pangs which characterize a baby’s birth and a society’s transition happen long before people assist in child/society birth.”
What must be done: KMT Press
“There has never been a societal revolution in the United States. What is called the American Revolutionary War of 1776 was merely an Imperialist White national liberation movement (while the so called revolutionaries continued to exterminate the native peoples, steal their land, and enslave millions of Black people to work it). What was called the Revolutionary Civil War 1861 was merely an agricultural capitalist/slave economy fighting with a manufacturing capitalist industrial economy for political hegemony/power over the national capitalist economy/land.”
What must be done; Tdka Maat Kilimanjaro, Yahra Aaneb
What took place in the U.S. 1915 to 1930 was not a revolution, it was a reform movement. As well as the 1960’s. Each reform in the society never empowered Black people. It gave us rights under the control of the White Male ruling class. This is why our movements regress back to the same hopeless conditions within the cities that we are the majority in.
Tdka Maat Kilimanjaro articulates the conclusion far better than I can:
“A revolutionary political organization is the subjective expression of the objective process in a society’s natural process of development. It is the organized instrument of the people (class, race, culture, gender, generation) who need a revolution to get well-being, to survive, to stay alive, to prepare for a future with them in it, to seize a new opportunity to live again.”
Those who are sick need a physician, or should I say, those who acknowledge their sickness. If people think that they have reached the plateau of success within this system, they will try teach their steps to the masses. Not understanding that Black individuals have always achieved a certain amount of success within the United States of America. However, it is a problem when you factor in the collective of Black people. If we see ourselves as the collective whole, the concept of success becomes blurred.
We must understand that the environment plays an important role on when the change is about to occur or if the people are ready for any changes. Look at the current state of Black America. The environment is ready for change, however, the people are not prepared to make such life changing decisions. Under this circumstance, the people will rely on the system to make changes for them, this will result in the same slave and master relationship that is indicative of American society.
We have to prepare as a collective, we have to make changes as a people not only as individuals. Preparation is the key!

Applied Pan Africanism

The Study of Applied Pan Africanism

A phrase I stole from Tdka Kilimanjaro, Applied Pan Africanism is action over rhetoric. It is the work displayed by our Pan African family.

The Pan African movement has evolved into many different Ideologies, However, because of the bold action of African Women and Men on the continent and throughout the world, we can study their footsteps. We can analyze each organization within the movement, and we can break down each detail until we fully understand its quantitative and qualitative properties. Next, we can extract the information, synthesize it and use it to help develop new techniques, technology and solve modern day issues.

We should approach the study of Applied Pan Africanism as a discipline of African centered education that applies current scientific knowledge, to understand the social, economic and material phenomenon, by examining the historical trends of the Pan African movement.


“SEBA, A Researcher’s First Handbook, by KMT Press states;

“Objective realities unfold in history. Everything is in motion. Research must capture these processes in their entirety and thus become a reflection of this objective reality. If this is accomplished successfully, the essence of the subject matter will be mentally modeled and therefore reproduced as in a mirror.”

If we can properly capture each development within the Pan African movement, we can diagnose the problems that plague the movement and solve each issue efficiently.

If you study the history of the electron theory, you will see that many men and women participated in this theory. It did not originate as a perfect theory, there were many mistakes made along the way. However, through consistent efforts, the study of the electron evolved into some of the greatest discoveries in human history. We have to approach the Pan African movement in like manner, from its humble beginnings, its peaks and valleys and the triumphs and failures have to be studied until we can use all the information to accomplish our goals.


One of the major problems within the Pan African movement is our dependency on European and Asian science and technology. In order for us to build a modern Civilization, we have to be in control of our means of production. We have to control the development of our resources, and not rely on our oppressors to provide for us.

One such example is the Akosombo Hydro-Electric project. This was a hydro-electric dam located on the Volta river in Ghana.  The project was conceived by an Australian geologist Albert Kitson. It was financed by the American Corporation Volte Aluminum. It was also financed by The U.K, The World Bank and The United States of America. The construction of the dam was done by an Italian firm called Impregilo.

This is a prime example of Neo-Colonialism. Ghana gained Independence politically from the U.K. in 1956, however, they had to utilize the Colonizers money and Technology to help empower their Nation. A recipe for disaster. Insufficient planning resulted in the relocation of the communities into lands that were not capable of providing for their farming lively hood and traditions. The people of the area suffered a great loss, while the Neo-colonial forces benefitted substantially. The dam was completed in 1965 and Nkrumah was thrown out of office in 1957 by a coup de tat orchestrated by the C.I.A.

Although the dam moved the region into the industrial age, it did not empower African people enough to overcome Neo-Colonial forces.


The solution to this issue is to make sure the people are just as important as the project itself. Also, make sure the people are scientifically and technologically educated enough to play major roles in the growth and development of our Civilizations.

By examining this event, we can learn lessons in Nation building. Only if we use the principles found in the Scientific Method. What is the problem? What books, articles, who can we interview  to assist in the research? How can we apply the lessons? Once we have formulated a hypothesis from the information, we can test the hypothesis. Once tested, we apply the information and start the process over again.

We should use history as a tool, by understanding the evidence of our historical past, we can uncover trends that can become predictable and make the proper adjustments.

Dr. Sebi Dies of Pneumonia In a Honduras Hospital

According to Online social media reports http://secretenergy.com/news/the-official-story-of-dr-sebis-death/ Dr. Sebi passed away on Saturday, August 6th, 2016  due to complications of Pneumonia after spending the last two weeks in Honduras prison (See Update).”Dr. Sebi becomes sick with pneumonia while being held in prison. His condition escalated quickly, and he was transferred to a nearby hospital. We are unsure about what type of treatment he received over the course of the last few days, both before and After being admitted to the hospital”. Reports have surfaced that Dr. Sebi was arrested at a Honduras Airport and charged with having 37,000 dollars. The details of his death have not been confirmed by the family, but social reports have surfaced that Dr. Sebi was taken to the hospital after his cellmate noticed he was not breathing. He was transferred to a Roatan hospital located in the Caribbean 65k off the northern coast of Honduras where he passed away. It’s unclear why he was arrested given his worldwide notary and public profile, but his daughter vowed to seek justice. Honduras Prisons are some of the worse prisons in the world. With a Population of over 8 million people, the country is home to some of the most violent gangs in the world.

Dr. Sebi’s Legacy


Accordingto Dr Sebi website “Dr. Sebi was 82 years old at the time of his passing. He was an Pathologist, herbalist, and naturalist with  decades studying the plants and herbs of North, South and Central America, Africa and the Caribbean. His unique approach to healing the human body is firmly rooted in that experience. Born Alfredo Bowman in Honduras in 1933Dr. Sebi learned at the foot of his grandmother, “Mama Hay,” and later, in treating himself, with a traditional herbalist in Mexico. On finding the healing he’d sought, Dr Sebi created a line of natural vegetable cell food compounds used for inter-cellular cleansing and cellular revitalization”.Dr. Sebi used an African approach to disease that relied on what he dedication described as an” botanical remedies to cleanse and detoxify the body, bringing it back to a more alkaline state from the acidity that causes disease and pathology. Natural vegetable cell food compounds are an important part of that change. By removing accumulated toxins, and replacing depleted minerals, cell foods can rejuvenate damaged cell tissue, especially those eroded by acidity. The primary organs affected are the skin, liver, gall bladder, lymph glands, kidneys and the colon. With inclusive nutritional programs designed, not around the pathology, but around the whole person and their diet and health, cell foods are an important part of the nutritional environment of every recovering, responsible and healthy individual”. https://drsebiscellfood.com


Dr. Sebi was a Baba, father, friend, and mentor to us all. I’m personally devastated by his untimely passing, but encouraged to continue his work. My heart felt condolences goes out to the family and all those affected by this tragedy. Rest in Power.

Nyah Amara

Voices  of Fire